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GM TPI harness questions

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  • GM TPI harness questions

    Hi guys. I can get my hands on a good TPI setup off a 1986 5.7 IROC Z.
    We went to a carb when the motor was dropped into a S10. I am half assed thinking of putting this on my 77 Blazer 350. IF i decide that I really need this,where can I get a stand alone harness? I have the factory computer for what its worth. What will I need besides the TPI intake? Been awhile since I read the TPI swapping book. Thanks!

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    Re: GM TPI harness questions

    These guys make a pretty nice TPI harness if you're using the stock TPI ECU:


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      Re: GM TPI harness questions

      I this a "F" engine Tune port with the long runners? If so I have what you need. ECM with a stand alone program and complete stand alone harness.
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