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Thinking I have an O2 sensor issue

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  • Thinking I have an O2 sensor issue

    Looking at my logs, I noticed I hate two issues with the way I screwed my car together that is making it difficult to tune. First is that I'm getting IAT heatsoak with my 5-pin MAF installed in the airpath of my radiator causing heatsoak and reported IATs that are about 35% off true temp from the cold-air intake. That's an easy fix. But, I wanted to pick your brains about what I'm seeing here:
    Obviously, the Bank-2 O2 sensor isn't reading correctly. I'm thinking that I must have a bad weld around the bung for the sensor and/or interference from the wide-band that was installed close to it. I had to move the O2 sensor bung to the opposite side of the header collector because of interference with the transmission using f-body Pacesetter headers on my Cutlass. I then put the wideband inline with it on the same side of the collector. I'm thinking I might try to relocate the O2 sensor back to the transmission side of the collector and try to reclock it a little to clear. Thoughts?
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    Re: Thinking I have an O2 sensor issue

    one bank would read different anyway. To stable an air temp, you may even have the IAT all normal as well...
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