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Drag Week road trip pictures and story

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  • Drag Week road trip pictures and story

    2015 was a really great Drag Week: the cars, the people, the tracks, the route, it was all awesome. I wrote up a story with lots of pics on moparts. Sorry I've been too lazy to copy it all in over here, but here is a link:

    Mozey over there if you have some time. I hope you like it,

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    "the weird noise was my ringtone". That's funny. I remember the first time I decided to put my race car back on the street. Very first turn I heard a ticking noise, and immediately starting worrying about a valvetrain problem. The noise? My turn signal.

    I was wondering how bad you'd have to sandbag to stay over 13.50 with that car. Thanks for the pics and stories. I'm still catching up on all the coverage to find out everything I missed by actually being there, and typically hitting the road early from each track. Really surprised how many interesting road side attractions I missed! Too bad I never had a chance to talk to you guys. Anyway, awesome pics, awesome story and awesome car Joel (wish my plan C car was something that cool).


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      Great post Joel. Fun reading it, I had a blast on Dragweek with my '67 Shelby this year. And thanks for sympathizing with me Wolf, apparently I have Joel's ring tone set to "Wheel bearing about to fail"

      Dragweek 2014 - Trunk Monkey
      Dragweek 2015 - Street Machine Eliminator - Finished


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        Wolf, I'm glad you liked the story. Drag Week adventures always make a good story. Next yesr, we'll have to meet.

        You darn kitty, welcome to Bangshift. Will you do Drag Week again? What would you drive?


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          Cool write up! Thanks for sharing the link here.
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