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Fuel cell size and system for drag week?

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  • Fuel cell size and system for drag week?

    Plotting out a fuel system on a new car wanted some input from experienced drag weekers. My plan was to run a 12gal and a 5gal with shutoffs on the outlets. One for 93 the other for e85 both through a y to a large external pump that goes to the rails then to a regulator. Then a return from the regulator through a cooler to a y that has shutoffs on both sides back to both cells. I realize there will be some mixing from the lines being full when I change tanks... Anyways I've been thinking about this for a while and am wondering if the 12 is big enough for the street driving?(car gets around 8-10mpg on 93). My other question is about the setup in general? Is there something I'm missing? Have any of you guys come up with more efficient ways to do it? Any and all input is appreciated. Thanks!

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    12 is probably perfect, we usually stop sooner than 100 miles to get gas and get out of the torture chamber of a car.
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      What is your car and power combo?

      Most guys are ready for a stop after 100 miles or so in their Drag Week car. That being said I have a 20 gallon cell and would stop with the guys I was travelling with but didn't gas up every time we stopped. Just a thought, pending on the DW route E85 may be available. I'm a believer in keeping things simple, are you plan on pulling a trailer? How about a 18 or 20 gallon cell and E85 only. There were some very creative guys that had a boat gas tank in the floor of their trailer with E85 for the areas they couldn't get it. That was a number of years ago, it's a lot more available now. Just simplifies a lot of plumbing. I assume your EFI since your using a return system, what are you planning on using for a fuel cooler?

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        I run a 17 gallon for the street gas and a 3 for the race gas, but 12 should be enuff. Rather than run the big race pump for the street drive, I use a wimpy little pump for that so the big pump doesn't get hot and to save wear on it.