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  • News from the road!!!

    Seriously, I'm riding shotgun in Dad's Camaro right now. We are in a pack that includes Bubba, JoeyG, Tom, Radar, Rob Keller, Steve Hoch and more. Vince shot rods out of his cool Pontiac on the side of the freeway earlier so he is going to have to get another car and catch up.

    We are just outside of New Castle Indiana heading toward another checkpoint and then on to Indy.

    Dad's car is pulling the wheels on every pass now, and getting quicker and quicker and higher and higher. About 6 inches of air now. The bad news is the rearend is making noise when when coasting. So we aren't coasting. LOL

    BangShift is WELL represented for sure, and we love it. We might be broadcasting live on Saturday for the finals since HOT ROD isn't doing it, and BangShift always comes prepared. I'll let you know when and if that is going to happen. It might be short notice, so keep checking in.

    I'm working on photos from the road, and video too. It will be late, but we'll have it all up tonight.
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    Re: News from the road!!!

    Sent you an email about Saturday Chad. Keep on keepin' on! ;D
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      Re: News from the road!!!

      We just hit are second checkpint and ran into Neal Sabo who has been hanging with Lutz all day. They are charging batteries because they lost an alternator belt. Neal is getting major kudos from Jeff Lutz, all while wearing his BangShift garb. Neal rules.

      They are getting back on the road in a few minutes.

      Don't know where Larson is. Tried to call him but he didn't answer. He was way ahead of us earleir, so I assume he is drinking a Crown and Coke or Bud Light by now. Dick. We are still driving. JK, we love Larry of course.

      Drag Week rules by the way.
      "A cross thread is better than a lock washer." Earl Lanning...My Grandpa


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        Re: News from the road!!!

        We saw Lutz by the side of the road short of Indy and slowed to see if they needed a hand but they waved us by. Then we saw the cast of Deliverance eyeballing them from across the road and felt bad for a minute.


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          Re: News from the road!!!

          Folks - I'm going to do my best to get out of work early Thursday to see you all at Milan - what's the schedule?

          If someone needs a tow, a part, some hardware, a battery, a carb, whatever, let me know - I can probably bring it...

          - if it's for a small block ford of about any flavor - I probably have it (302, 351w, 351c...)
          or know where to get it in the Detroit area.
          heck I even have some SBC and BBC stuff laying around from when Seth worked on his car at my place.

          I can stop at a part store on my way to Milan - let me know what you need.

          I have a blackberry and can be reached via email more reliably than by phone since I work in a concrete and steel building filled with Dyno's.

          milner351 at comcast dot net
          Seven Three Four 276 7708 is my cell
          There's always something new to learn.


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            Re: News from the road!!!

            I am planning to stop out at Milan in the morning myself. I can bring anything I have in stock if someone needs it. I can also order most any part and have it there tomorrow.

            I told David, and he was going to tell everyone. But, just to cover the bases. If anyone needs a place to work on their car, something fabricated or welded, or what ever. I will open my shop, Diversified Creations, tonight or tomorrow for any Drag Week participant to use free of charge. We are only 45 minutes from Milan, so it is pretty close.


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              Re: News from the road!!!

              You runnin with some people I know. Tom has the blue 93 lx he's one of my close friends tell him Charlie wants a 9 sec time slip be safe