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Spectators at DW

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    Re: Spectators at DW

    Just enter the Daily Driver class.


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      Re: Spectators at DW

      Its a Effort to keep the Mule cars down that seem to be sneeking there way in the last couple of years.
      2007 SBN/A Drag Week Winner & First only SBN/A Car in the 9's Till 2012
      First to run in the .90s .80s and .70's in SBN/A
      2012 SSBN/A Drag Week Winner First in the 9.60's/ 9.67 @ 139 1.42 60'
      2013 SSBN/A Drag Week, Lets quit sand bagging, and let it rip!


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        Re: Spectators at DW

        Originally posted by Nitrospud
        I think we'll be befriending the HRM staff girls too then !
        I can understand the reasons for not publicising the whole route, but is does kind of limit the appeal of the event.
        You'd think the sponsors would be of the opinion 'the more the merrier'

        I'd hate to think what it would cost to ship my junk across the pond, tax & insure, legal paperwork etc... and then the gas money !!

        I guess we'll just see you at each of the tracks and make our own entertainment inbetween !

        I am just a trunk monkey on these deals but I believe that they are trying to discourage a bunch of spectators because this is supposed to be a "no support" deal and if you have a throng of cars following the route and doing the whole week as spectators it makes it harder to weed out the "additional pit crew" from the well meaning spectators.

        If you are going to go to all that expense to ship your junk from across the pond - then how about entering the event in DD and laying down a time each day and doing the event as a participant. I believe that in DD as long as you complete runs in less than 20 seconds you can stay qualified through the entire event. You won't make the bracket race on the last night but even a Prius should be able to rip off a sub-20 second pass once in a while.


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          Re: Spectators at DW

          my Ford mini van from work ran 17.7 @ 76mph...umm allegedly :

          Drag Week Survivor 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 - 2nd Place - Pro Street N/A, 2017