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  • Where's your live web-feed so we can watch?
    Life is short. Be a do'er and not a shoulda done'er.
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    • Still haven't fixed a thing but the oil cooler leak and the AC compressor. This weekend and next are going to be thrashes so I can take my wife to the Sonic in it as the first passenger of the car since the engine swap. She's stoked.

      I'll make it but the brakes might still be drums!
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      • Over the weekend I finished the 12 bolt. I assembled the short block. Now I will degree cam and finish up. Hopefully it will be ready to chassis dyno on Sat evening.


        • Originally posted by BBR View Post
          Where's your live web-feed so we can watch?
          HA! Stopping the fuel leaks actually was pretty simple and quick. Found I also hooked the lines on the mechanical pump up backwards too, so at first it'd run for a couple minutes until the prime I put in the surge canister ran out. Did that twice before I caught on =P
          Escaped on a technicality.


          • So Randall, are you all set for your break in drive down to SoCal?
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