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    some of you guys may know me as i was co pilot for Eddie Miller in 06 and 08. i'm throwing a hunk of junk together painted with rustoleum and wonder if it would fit in the gasser class if i can scrape up the money to bring my own junk to drag week this year. its a 67 but doesnt have a straight axle or anything but i think it may have the look, maybe.....

    here is a pic of it. would this car fit into the gasser class?

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    It would make a great Super Gas runner...
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      Hey Ray! Glad to have you over here!
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        Nice to hear form you Ray! I think it'll work. The class is mostly subjective at this point and the '67 fits the rules and seemingly the vibe. I think they will look closely at the vehicles that are current high dollar race cars made to look old timey. The tunnel ram with a couple Holley is nice and old skool so you should be good to go.

        I hope to see you there. Do not bring pictures from '06 especially that steak place after the end of the week.
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          Bill, i think i lost most of my pictures about 6 computer crashes ago.

          The class seems very subjective and i dont think i would sfi below 10.00. i dont have money for all the crap to go faster han that. so if i go i want to be with the cool cars


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            Showing up at DW is being with the cool cars! Remember the racing is secondary to making it all week. You survive two DW with Eddy is hardcore!

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              yes your right. i'm just going thru this rat rod and chicks with tattoo faze


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                Rock a Billy Girls!!!!!!
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                  That is exactly what we need at Drag Week this year.
                  Drag Week 2006 & 2012 - Winner Street Race Big Block Naturally Aspirated - R/U 2007 Broke DW '05 and Drag Weekend '15 Coincidence?


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                    Unfortunately I'm not sure that's a Gasser...... Think Nose in the air.... long ass ladder bars and HIGH as a kite ....

                    I'd submit it to Freiburger...

                    And you have my undying respect for that which you've survived... Fun stuff....


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                      its all good, if i can make it i will fit it somewhere.


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                        rules say straight axle - a/fx style cars, i dont think that car fits either one of those
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                          While everything is up to the HR Tech committee (who ever that is beyond DF, RK, MF) the rules say The following is required: To qualify for this class, a car must have the appearance of a traditional Gasser or A/FX car as agreed upon by the Drag Week tech committee. This includes items such
                          as a nose-high stance or solid front axle conversion, a drastically altered wheelbase, radiused rear-wheel openings, retro lettering, period-correct wheels, and so on. Racers who want pre- approval may send photos of the car to [email protected]. •The following are not allowed: A chassis fully constructed of round tubing, Lenco-type transmission, strut front suspension, fenderless configuration, lowered stance, wheels more than 16 inches in diameter, modern graphics, or modern-looking scoops, spoilers, or wings.

                          In my view the earlier AFX cars, that is cars that look like earlier AFX cars, ought to be good to go, but obviously its subjective. AFX cars are not usually straight front axle nose high conversions

                          These links show the kind of cars I'm talking about. I hope these are cool and within the rules as that's what we are building for next year.

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                          Drag Week 2006 & 2012 - Winner Street Race Big Block Naturally Aspirated - R/U 2007 Broke DW '05 and Drag Weekend '15 Coincidence?


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                            That Cuda coupe would not fit the class. Bill, your links are pretty broad. Might want to email me and let me know exactly what you plan. The intent is not to have Super Stock cars.