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..:: The Supra-Stang, heading to DragWeek....2Jz No SH*t!::.. (Will it make it?)

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    I was disappointed to see the stang didn’t make it but the Caddy was super cool!
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      Originally posted by lun40119 View Post
      The caddy is a beautiful car. Wish we could have seen the Stang though. It was also nice to hang out with you in the pits at HPT after the T&T the first night. I liked the picture with Docs Mom in the Caddy.
      That made the best story.... I wish she would have taken if for a spin for a while. If she is there next year, I will bring it back just so she can take it to dinner.

      Originally posted by jackstand View Post
      I was disappointed to see the stang didn’t make it but the Caddy was super cool!
      Here is the newest goodie I got. Just waiting on the new "Billy badazz" T400 to show up....

      (The Toyota to T400 adaptor plate... and the Flywheel that will allow me to run standard GM Converters)


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        Who makes that bit of automotive jewelry? It sure is purdy.
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          Originally posted by CDMBill View Post
          Who makes that bit of automotive jewelry? It sure is purdy.
          Its the last one that will ever be created.

          Sadly Ross Machine said the demand isn't there for them, and have discontinued this product after they sold me mine. I actually lucked out that this unit was already sold, however the buyer before me couldn't come up with the funds after weeks of holding the part. So I waited patiently for the call and was stoked when they said I could buy it.


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            I'm bringing this back because I'm curious as to whether we're gonna see it this year at DW? The Caddy was cool but this looks like a hoot too.

            Drag Week Survivor 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 - 2nd Place - Pro Street N/A, 2017


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              Sadly I am going to have to say no....

              I had a PILE of "life events" land on me this year, between moving, and other factors......she is sitting lacking a few parts that I waited to long to order....

              1) The new ProEFI computer
              2) The new stand alone wiring harness

              Could I slam it all back together and make it... maybe.
              But would it be as perfect as I want it.... nope.

              So at this point, I am going to have to give up my spot, and honestly its got me so bummed out, its silly.


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                **UPDATE** 2015..... (Bringing this thread back from the dead)

                So, after many reasons in my life as to why this car was put away on hold.
                - Death of my business partner in a car accident pushed me away from cars for a few years.
                - I moved homes 3 times
                - And then the birth of my first child (daughter)

                HOWEVER, I have to say the car is finally ready to burn some corn again.

                To bad I was about a week or so late to sign up for this years drag week
                It would have been so amazing to finally take this car on the ONLY event I ever built it for.

                But hey, I am just happy that I am not just a week or so away from it running again.

                (Please LIKE its Facebook Page, to see all the photos of this build)


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                  See the thread about "has anyone ever been turned away..." and email Hot Rod and get on the wait list, and show up and race.

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                    Also, don't forget about Rocky Mountain Race Week!


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                      Shes running and driving around the block! Videos up on the Facebook page.

                      Trying to sort out some trans stuff, before heading to the Street Car Takeover event in OKC this weekend.
                      But all and all still pumped!