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We've all done this, I think?

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    OK, it's really comforting to know that some of you guys have conversations with your cars also, I was really beginning to worry about myself, WHEW!

    Eddie - As for the weight question, it's been a couple of years and I don't honestly remember but it's heavy for no more then what's there, around 2,700 without a driver I believe.

    Dustin - Turn Key sort of but it would take a lot to make it competitve in Unlimited plus with the added horsepower it would require a new transmission setup, I don't think the TCI 400 would last.

    Bill - Yep, you're right, I know I'd have to go the Twin Turbo route, the writing has been on the wall for a while.

    Paul - I know it's never too early to start but right now it's just a bunch of ideas floating around in my head.

    Jeff - Thanks, I can still remember how much fun DW was but I don't want to bring a knife to a gunfight.

    Pro Charged - Purple I is in the trailer and doesn't know anything about it yet.

    Randal - 20 mph is still a lot when you're old enough to be in a Senior Living Facility.

    Scott - We've already talked!

    Me - The car is truly a pig for what's there but that can all be fixed at a price. I'm thinking with money being one of the issues if I attached a Solar panel on the roof for charging the battery maybe it would qualify for part of the Stimulus package?

    Has anybody ever told you guys you're a bunch of Enablers!

    Just an Old Drag Racer that still has dreams of going fast!


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      We are not enablers.Just looking out for you Phil.Dont want you ro be a quitter. LOL.Its about hanging out and making the week.


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        my talk with my cars

        the blue olds, where did u and cella go monday
        me, day one of drag week, but just to watch
        blue, I see you drove the G6 to topeka
        me, ya gas mileage, can run 80 easy
        blue, did spidergears man make fun of you for driving a "mommy car"
        me, no he wasnt there
        blue, you need to quit being a wuss and drive me some more, maybe drag week next year
        me, your not ready
        blue, you got a year, save a few bucks and get ready!
        me, that would be cool!!! Ill see what happens
        COBEY..... franklin, kansas


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          Me: Damn I want to do Drag Week, but I just don't know what to do with you.
          Noisy: I can tell (that you don't know what to do). Just do it.
          Me: You need a roll bar for me to have fun and we still have little kids riding in the back
          Noisy: Quit being a wuss - they'll love climbing around on the bars
          Me: It's easier for me to con my brother into caging his ride, he has no kids and can afford the fixes
          Noisy: Wuss. You should con him to do it AND bring me to race him
          Me: Good idea, maybe if you don't break down on me during my next couple track visits, I'll think about it
          Noisy: I wouldn't be breaking down if you'd keep that shiny crap off me!
          Tampa, FL