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Is anyone running the new Hot Rod class?

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  • Is anyone running the new Hot Rod class?

    Is anyone running the new Hot Rod class? What are you bringing?

    Sounds interesting. I love traditional hot rods.
    1962 and earlier engine familys only. So let's see, just thinking as I go here. that would be early hemi , small block chevies, chevy W motors, buick nail head, 394 Olds, 389 pontiacs, 390 caddys, flatheads, edsel/ mercury 430's, Y block fords, ford FE's Hey is a ford SOHC allowed, thats a FE introduced in '58? OK, I can see 1000 horse all aftermarket Cammer Fords, 900 horse Highriser FE's, 1000 horse all aftermarket SBC's, Early hemi's ... in 2600 pound econo-roadsters.

    The really traditional motors aren't going to have a chance. I wonder if that's what was envisioned for this class? I wonder if the "may not have a modern appearance" restriction will be used to keep modern performance parts out? WHat do you guys think?


    Hot Rod is for

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    here's the rules:
    Hot Rod is for ’28 to ’48 American cars and trucks in the styles of the ’40s to the ’60s. Cars in this class may not have a modern appearance and may not appear in the Gasser style or they will be placed in the Gasser/AFX class. The cars that will be allowed in this class must have an appearance that’s approved subjectively by the Drag Week™ tech committee. We very strongly encourage approval prior to the event; send photos of the car to [email protected].
    •May be steel or fiberglass. Replicas must be faithful to the original car.
    •Fenders, running boards, hoods, and hood sides may be removed.
    •Chopping, sectioning, and customizing are allowed, but the car must retain a traditional appearance.
    •Modern graphics not allowed.
    •Wings and spoilers not allowed.
    •The frame may not have round-tube main rails.
    •Engine may not be set back past the stock windshield location.
    •Fenderless cars may not have independent front suspension.
    •Any IFS conversion must be double-A-arm style
    •Must use tires on the dragstrip that are no greater than 11.25 inches wide at the tread, as measured installed and on the ground with a go/no-go gauge. Tire edges may not be shaved or cut to meet the 11.25-inch maximum. Drag radials with a metric width labeling of no greater than 295 mm may be used.
    •Wheels may have a diameter no greater than 16 inches.
    •Wheels must be traditionally styled; no billet.
    •Must use American engine families from ’62-and-earlier model years.
    •EFI is not allowed.
    •Turbos, superchargers, and nitrous are not allowed.
    NOTE: This is an experimental class. The rules may change next year.


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      Joel, the 221 and 260 SBF's were introduced in '62 so I think they qualify as well with the same advantages the SBC's have in terms of development. Without an Iron head requirment or something like it, I'd expect the class to be ruled by the Ford or Chevy small blocks and the R and RB Mopar's which can be the biggest displacement possible gven the rules as I understand them.

      I can envision some pretty fast cars, lets say 8's given the power to weight possibilities. For the first year people usually bring what ever they have that fits the class and given the high number of repeat offenders this year, I'd be surprised if there were more than ten entries.

      Are you going to be one of then?
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        Well, Bill, I've got a 31 Plymouth coupe project with a 392 that's just begging to become a Drag Week car! But I don't have the time or the cash to get it done before Drag Week. And anyway Jay has invited me to drive his Mach I in DW this year, so how could I turn that down?

        Good point on the SBF's too. If they really want to keep it traditional, they need an iron head rule and a mid 1960's or older intake

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          The modern appearance part will hammer plenty of people I think. I would suspect aluminum heads and things like dominator carbs to be verboten. That is one class I would definitely send pics for preapproval.
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            Hey T.M. bring the "J" damn it!


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              Originally posted by Racingcritters View Post
              Hey T.M. bring the "J" damn it!
              Believe me, I have considered it alot. Even Turk suggested it. But this is a race, and I don't want to bring a 17 second car... unless there was a class for pure stock pre- 1948 cars


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                Come on, work some of your F.A.S.T. magic on it, it'll be fine!
                Life is short. Be a do'er and not a shoulda done'er.
                1969 Galaxie 500
                1998 Mustang GT
                1983 Mustang GT 545/552/302/Turbo302
                1973 F-250 BBF Turbo Truck
                1986 Ford Ranger EFI 545/C6


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                  I'm thinking a 413 with a cross-ram would be cool as hell in this class.

                  It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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                    Well, If an RB mopar would be legal, then a 426 Hemi would be, right? I never thought of that.


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                      Joel - that 31 is flippin sweeeeeeet!

                      There's always next year to get it ready for. I think this class would be allot of fun.... but there are alot of loopholes as mentioned.

                      Requiring all exterior engine parts to be of a certain date range would make it more interesting - like dual points or magneto's, older carbs and intakes, etc....

                      It would be way easy for somebody to take an uber tech'd out all forged bottom end titanium valve train roller cammed small block that rev's to 9500 with a pertronix in an older distributor and an old intake and holley/rochester / carter and still make gobs more power than you could in the 60's.

                      Is there a practical way to inspect for roller cams? - could be another requirement, no roller cams.... they weren't common until what - the late 90's?
                      There's always something new to learn.


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                        Solid rollers were pretty common in the hotter cars in Midland TX in the early 80's and nothing new then - 90's were the hydraulic rollers from the OEM's. I think the class is about appearance judging from the "Subjective review" and "subject to change" experimental and send your pics in first comments.

                        /edit - here's some Isky history mentioning roller cams in the very early 60's:
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                          I have sent pictures in to DF to see if the Black 1940 Ford from last year will fit the class. I know i have to go back to a carb. I hope to get a respones so I can make some plans.
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