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Drag Week: New Registrations and Scheduling

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  • Drag Week: New Registrations and Scheduling

    A few notes here on Drag Week 2012. If someone can share to YellowBullet I'd appreciate it. I think I got locked out from there. Or post this anywhere you like.

    As you know, Drag Week registration has hit capacity of 200 cars (actually, there are a few more since we didn't get the online registration shut off quickly enough). As of last Friday there are 78 cars on the wait list to join the event.

    We are trying to make space for another 50 of them, but as you know, that takes careful steps in making sure there's lane control to let that happen. We've contacted every track, explained the situation, and gotten more staff on board to help.

    If you know of an experienced race director who will travel with us to handle race control, we're taking names.

    Also, we plan to send an email blast in early August asking for cancellations from any of the people who are preregistered but know they will not be able to go. As a reminder, registration is non-transferable so don't plan on selling your registration on eBay or wherever.

    Here are the things we're seeking racer input on.

    1) Opening up the race hours. We currently have racing from 9:00 to 12:30 each day. We can open up the days to 2:00. We would totally ditch the idea of holding cars at the track. Anyone could hit the road any time they want.

    2) In addition to longer hours, we'd run the Daily Driver cars in a session from 9:00 to 11:00. All the other classes would run from 11:30 to 1:30. Finally, there would be a Daily Driver make-up session from 1:30 to 2:00 for those who arrived late or who wanted more passes for any reason. The other classes can also run during the make-up session.

    Breaking up the run times like this does the following:
    - Daily Driver racers can now watch the other classes run if they want.
    - Track will be prepped between sessions so the faster cars don't have to run behind the street-radial cars
    - The faster classes have more time to get to the track in the morning or more time to prep.
    - With the make-up session late in the day, no Daily Driver racer gets shafted.
    - Every class has a potential 2-1/2 hours of track time.

    Send opinions to [email protected]. If you simply answer on whatever message board you're seeing this on, there's no guarantee we'll see it.



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    Thanks for the update!!!
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      Thanks for the update, the consideration around making the event bigger. All those ideas sound good, especially the longer run time at each track, and ditching the hold, if your happy with your run - you should be free to leave yourself more travel time.
      There's always something new to learn.


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        Great to hear Dave, Thanks!!!Ron Ward or MoparBilly here at at BS might know of someone that would be good as a race director.


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          I posted this on the Bullet
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            Thanks for the update! I like the subtle changes.
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              The only thing negative I can see is the daily driver guys getting the early session. Its just my opinion but I would think the more radical cars would be better off getting to leave if they desire to at an earlier time. I for one if I can get a good pass at 9:30 I'll pack it up and head out In case I have an issue on the road. Just my 2 cents.
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                Track prep is sometimes suspect on DW.Id think you would want a bit more rubber and outside temp forthe Class cars. Just my2 cents.Plus alot of class guys need more time for maintenance before making their runs,changing tires,tunes suspension etc. You better worry about just making it. LOL.Happy MothersDay Mark.
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                  Lol. Thanks
                  "Friends don't let friends run the daily driver class,"


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                    DF got banned from Yellowbullet. That's funny.
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                      Originally posted by slimbo5 View Post
                      Lol. Thanks
                      Expect anything less. LOL.Be good to see you.


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                        Originally posted by Scott Liggett View Post
                        DF got banned from Yellowbullet. That's funny.
                        Thats funnier than hell. Thats quite an accomplishment.


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                          50 more cars...Wow! Kinda hard to walk away from 15K I guess. Should be fun.

                          What does a person do to get banned from that cess pool over at YB????


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                            No idea what it takes on YB. Tell your brothers whomever doesnt have their car done is a Race Director all week. That ought to get them off their asses.LOL.


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                              WOW!!! The possibility of 250+ cars for Drag Week 2012.. Looks like Hot Rod has some issues to work out. The funny thing to me is some of the proposed changes like extending the run times and letting us leave when we want to are from the previous races with 100 (+ or -) car counts. I hope they take into consideration the tech time, weather, oil downs etc..

                              Is Drag Week turning into the Power Tour???
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