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Our trip over from Holland

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    40+ year old cars play hell being sleeper any more! Lol.
    Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.


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      glad you had a good time, and it looks like our American ways are hookin you "foreghners" into our crazy ways with Drag Week!!

      Nice meeting you guys and hope to see you again next year!!

      Also hope you got your "package" back into your country ok!! Ya know with maybe having too many "kilos"to get on the plane.. wink, wink...
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      Dan, Co-Pilot Drag Week 06
      Drag Week '11 just Me and my Dad in my 53 Chevy, which was his Dads old truck
      Drag Week '12 plus one day...Me and Dad in my 53 again....
      Drag Week 2013 with my father in law.. New BEST ET/MPH [email protected]


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        Hahaha, yeah the "kilo's". I ended up having only the converter in my luggage and all the rest of my stuff in my mate's suitcase. I checked it in at 52 pounds, but I was only allowed 50. Thankfully they let me through.

        Thanks for the laughs at the hotel Dan.
        A wise man once said: "There's no replacement for cubic inches"........then they went on and invented Forced Induction
        "You'll run outta tire, before you run outta horsepower"