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Scott vs Williard at Orlando Speed World Dragway "last Drag Race"

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  • Scott vs Williard at Orlando Speed World Dragway "last Drag Race"

    Scott u know the Guy
    Scott Murray Hot Rod Drag Week competitor crew with Ricks Bad Ass twin turbo Nova Wagon.
    Races Williard Kinzer in quarter final of small tire
    Scott car was running well small block ford stocker with 300 hit

    thrusday was prep day for Scotts car with Jeff L. and Rick P. advising

    Williard was running pretty good with 524ci twin turbo (low q)

    Williard was on 275 15 60 M/T street radials

    Scott was nice enough to let Williard use his Pit

    Williard cut a pretty good light against Scott
    .034 vs .086
    Scott just couldnt Run Him Down
    Williard got a much desired Wally in Final he peddled his mustrang to the win after going up in smoke right at start line something that has not happen in a while
    Track was unbelievely SLICK, Williard was as fast as the Big Tire Cars

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    Thats Wolfe's old car I think, ran 4.40s in the 1/8
    2007 SBN/A Drag Week Winner & First only SBN/A Car in the 9's Till 2012
    First to run in the .90s .80s and .70's in SBN/A
    2012 SSBN/A Drag Week Winner First in the 9.60's/ 9.67 @ 139 1.42 60'
    2013 SSBN/A Drag Week, Lets quit sand bagging, and let it rip!


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      Congratulations to Willard. Scott and Rick are great guys.

      Drag Week 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013


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        It is Wolfe's old car
        Williard has had car for 3 years
        Williard took wheelie Bars OFF after first run 3 years ago

        little different power

        [email protected] in Vegas in Nov
        first time on 315 60 15 M/T streel radials
        set records for PSCA et and mph
        low q

        video of Williard winning Bradenton NMCA and beating wolfes new ccar in final by driving around car
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