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What is your "home" Drag Strip and ?

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    Originally posted by ProCharged509 View Post
    Kansas International Dragway ( It used to be named Wichita International Raceway.
    It's the track where I made my very first drag strip passes.
    It's also the track where the Blazer ran its first (and only) eight second pass.
    Made my first pass there too 1988. Left lane on my Ninja.. Lived in Hutchinson at the time. (Born and raised there till 89)
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    Drag Week '11 just Me and my Dad in my 53 Chevy, which was his Dads old truck
    Drag Week '12 plus one day...Me and Dad in my 53 again....
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      My home track. It's a airport most days. Turned into race track for 4 weekend a year. I run at several other tracks in our short summer months. 15000miles. 100 1/4 runs. From bracket,heads up even a 100 foot in lethbridge ab.


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        Here is link to pic ..can't get it to come up apparently


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          Another pics.


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            Home is Tulsa, usually just a TNT guy but I will hit the nearby mopar races for bracket racing and the occasional 12.0 class. MoKan, Noble, Ark City ks(may be closed) are each about 2 hours away.
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              We are lucky enough to still have two fairly close.

              Sonoma Raceway (Sears Point) - elevation 13 feet - 95 miles from home - this is where I made my first pass to start the addiction/ learning in 2004 and where I usually run

              Sacramento Raceway - elevation 72 feet - 55 miles from home

              Famoso in Bakersfield - elevation 787 feet - 205 miles from home - still really want to run there
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                Originally posted by nesabo View Post
                Thompson Raceway Park, Thompson OH. about 15 miles from my house. Mainly race on Wednesday grudge night. Ask Brian's wife about the spelling ability in the women RR.
                Neal, keep an eye out up that way for a fellow by the name of Gary Delaney. He has our old '62 Valiant. He's a hella nice guy and the car is pretty cool, too.

                Me? Well, Heartland Park Topeka is my home track, as it is only 10 minutes from my house. It is not, however, the first track I raced. That was Little Apple Raceway (now Midwest Raceway) in Manhattan, KS. I still like that little 1/8th mile track.

                It's really no different than trying to glue them back on after she has her way.


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                  Milan dragway, in milan, mi.

                  although i have to cross a border, it is only 50 miles away, and best track around.


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                    Two for me - Immokalee Regional Raceway is the closest, but is 1/8 mile. I primarily bracket race my Chevelle there, and the other is Bradenton Motorsports Park, which is 1/4 mile. I made my first pass there, back when it was known as DeSoto Dragway and was owned by Art Malone (a long long time ago!).

                    I always like to try a new track though...
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                      WIR in kaukauna wi... its a hell of a drive to get there though.. about a whole 3 miles haha.. Basically grew up there.. started working there when i was 13 and have been racing there for the last 2 years.. hoping to get a bunch of track time in this year and possibly start bracket racing on saturday nights next year..

                      GLD would be the next closest.. but never been there.
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                        tulsa so close if the winds right you can hear the cars,,,


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                          First raced at ESTA spring of 63

                          THis is July 3, 1966 day after may first marriage COULD NOT miss Gasser Shootout
                          ESTA Looks the same today
                          cobra arrived from California to race

                          there were at least five thunder bolts in Syr area

                          Don was there

                          One Bad Ass Vette

                          Color Me Gone


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                            Cool Stuff there!! Our home track is Thunder Valley Dragways, Marion, SD about an hour drive. Next is Oahe Speedway, Pierre, SD about a 4-5 hour drive, MidAmerica Motorplex has an 1/8 mile near Council Bluffs, IA about 2-3 hour drive. Mostly play at Thunder Valley......
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                              Lubbock dragway was my home track till it closed due to getting repaved with concrete from less than reputable contractor, and they had to dig it up. Now its just 1/8 mile street racing at the top end of the track. I raced Hobbs N.M. a few times, and Amarillo back in the 90's when I wanted to slow down. I've raced Odessa Tx 1/8th mile too. Its down in a trench and has a SHORT shutdown.
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                                Top End Dragways Moorhead MN 20 minutes from my house. Used to be Interstate Dragways was owned by Funny car from the early days. The first time I went as a spectator summer of 75 or 76 they had a guy light a stick of dinamite throw a piece of plywood on it then lay on top and get blown into the air. 10 years later some friends talked me into trying racing, I won on my first time out (4 rounds) there was no way to get unhooked after that.
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