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"Tractor Fluid" Yea or Nay

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  • "Tractor Fluid" Yea or Nay

    Got my "stall" converter today . . . so it's getting close to time for filling my full-manual C6 . . . .

    There's lots of discussion on many fora about the merits of using tractor hydraulic fluid instead of ATF for racing and heavy towing (e.g. John Deere Hy-Gard, Case IH Hy-Trans).

    The name-brand hydrostatic fluids reportedly have better high temperature properties and durability. And they're relatively cheap, too. Also, unlike some "trick shift" fluids (which some say are just repackaged tractor fluid), the tractor juice is widely available in bulk out in the heartland of America.

    Any opinions or experience with using tractor fluid on DW?

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    Be cautious............there is a NEW version of Hy-Tran. Don't let them confuse you if you go to buy some.

    The old version (which you can maybe get, there is some "on the shelf" still) is an excellent product. Far exceeds the requirements for ATF, just make sure what you get is "weighted" the same as the ATF spec (IE 10 weight for 10 weight)

    The new version is backwards compatable, so no worries there. This doesn't affect you, but NEVER NEVER use old Hy-Tran in a machine that specs New Hy-Tran. It does really really bad expensive things.
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      The trans guy I work with has always said to use dex/merc in just about everything. Unless it requires one of the newer fluids.
      That goes form gm/ford/mopar - he uses the same stuff in all hotrod stuff regardless of brand.
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        Type F.

        Use something you can find anywhere.
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          I use tractor supply house brand traveler work fine and is cheap had it in a few cars...
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            I am using John Deere Hy-Guard in my TH400. This is the equivalent of 303 Fluid.
            (had B&M Trick shift when I toasted 3rd) Not blaming that on the fluid but I do know the history of John Deere fluid.

            The John Deere Low Viscosity Hy-Guard is a replacement for the old JD Hydro-static Fluid (red) We were told years ago that Type F could be used or added to, in place of the hydro-static fluid. So I am assuming JD low viscosity is compatible with Type F. It is not the same as Hy-Guard (old JD303 oil). I am using the old hy-guard. But not sure you want to do anything I am doing since my transmission has been the weak link with my set-up.

            As S tiney said, you can add new (low Viscosity) to old equipment but do not add use the old hy-guard in new stuff.
            John Deere makes no claim as to what to use in Ford C-6 applications. They wouldn't even let us have ford service vehicles.

            Sounds like you are getting close.
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              Originally posted by BBR View Post
              Type F.

              Use something you can find anywhere.
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                Originally posted by quick 52 View Post
                I use tractor supply house brand traveler work fine and is cheap had it in a few cars...
                This is what is used in Jeff Lutz pro Mod along with Red Line trans fluid

                Rossler suggests for higher HP
                check web site


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                  I use Red Line the type F version it dropped the temp on Jakes when he used it I think
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                    type f amsoil .
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                      I had shift timing issues with the John Deere stuff in my AOD even though it was approved by the builder. I swapped to Type F and voila no shift issues. I use the fancy ATI Type F synthetic now but it worked fine with Trick Sift Tpe F and Chevron Type F too. Took five years to wear it out, no failure just worn out.
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                        AMSOIL 10 wt synthetic compressor oil.
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                          I just use the cheapo type F ... thats been in the race car
                          for 4 year... I am gonna do a freshen up on it before I sell it
                          and that was on a trans brake the whole time... I got the same
                          stuff in the Rampage with OD


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                            I have cheepy dexIII in mine now but the old Malibu did 4 drag weeks and over 1000 passes with Mopar ATF +4 and the tranny was untouched and the fluid spotless.


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                              This is a meeting of the Type F Appreciation Society.

                              I was initially shocked when I read the instructions for my new, American-made C6 converter and they said to prefill it with a quart of Dexron . . . and the pump drive illustration . . . that looks GM to me.

                              So I checked the part number against the PN on the box (the Converter was obviously a Ford-style piece) . . . and it appeared that they included a Chevy instruction sheet with my Ford-style converter. Nice attention to detail . . . .