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    I drove on slicks and skinnies the whole way with spool. I was driving about 20 in the rain but other than that the spool wasn't that noticeable.
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      Originally posted by Orange65 View Post
      My 12 bolt is spooled and I drove thru some rough rain on DW. I had some squirrelly moments but that was while I was on drag radials (and once with a ladder bar bolt working its way out). The driving I have done with a spool in the rear has been about the same as when it had locker. Rain or shine. It just makes turning at really slow speeds tough. Mixing rain and wide tires with little tread made mucho difference (BAD COMBO).

      Do a little research on YB on street driving with a spool- I did last year before I got mine. I was a little concerned over some comments I read about some lockers locking and unlocking while racing. I can live with my spool- so far it is predictable.

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      I have had no issues with a 35 spline locker street or races over 6 years. Given how they function having one lock and and unlock at the track seems impossible to absent abuse or neglect of some kind. There are always some folks who seem to have problems with everything. A lot of guys have completed the event with spools, but it's not my choice of a car that sees thousands of street miles and doesn't make 1500-2500 hp.
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