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Truckers/dash cameras/pourtour/rubberknecking/scenery ?

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  • Truckers/dash cameras/pourtour/rubberknecking/scenery ?

    Was thinking,
    Of those dash cameras truckers use and well more famously the russian's on you tube.
    Thinking of a dual channel that normally would be one lens looking forward, and one to the rear.
    But putting one lens 45-55* to the left and the other to the right to record the scenery, landscape, cars,etc.
    I can't find a run/record time you'll get out of a (pick a size) memory card.
    To get an idea of how many would be needed, and when to swap to a new one as it seems most just start to rewrite over and over unless you "mark" some thing to be saved and it saves so many seconds before and after that point.
    I guess the same could be done with two go pro's, but the same issue how much run time per card and what is the card size limit they'll work with.
    I'm going on a limb here that they are like cell phones and tablets that the older models would not work with todays 256+ gig cards.
    Thought it be cool to record all the scenery/landscape , as you drive.
    Never been but assuming 4-5 hours? (is this close?) of driving a day. and not wanting to be uploading to a laptop while on the tour.
    need to work out how much memory cards or ? will be needed.
    Any other ideas, ?
    Of course this is all dependent on the stars aligning and dad and I hitting the road and going.
    Thanks for any ideas/ insight/thoughts.
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    Re: Truckers/dash cameras/pourtour/rubberknecking/scenery ?

    Go pros are around $300 each. I have thought about getting a dash cam a few times. Some of them can be used as a back up camera.


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      Re: Truckers/dash cameras/pourtour/rubberknecking/scenery ?

      I've been running a Z3 Edge dash cam. I have One in both daily drivers ~ forward facing only. I let those loop constantly unless I need to lock in a shot of some [email protected], then I pull the card that same day and download what I need. Gives a good wide angle view of the road and what you would normally see while looking out the windshield, scenery and all.

      I take mine out of my daily when on the Tour. Can be run in 1 min, 3 min or 5 min. loops.(I have mine set for 5) I use a 32GB high speed mini SD card and carry a spare on Tour. Every night on tour I take about 15 minutes and unload the card onto a 1tb portable HD, usually on the hotels business room computers, then edit out all the traffic jams and non-scenery junk. It will overwrite itself in loop mode if you let it, but I've found one 32gb card is good for a full day on tour- just need to remember to shut it off at the big traffic backups so your not constantly recording just the car in front of you for 45 minutes worth of recording time.

      *edit... do have to watch the heat on most dash cams. Mine works fine when on the road and using, but leaving it in the windshield while parked on a 90+ degree day with the windows closed has a tendency to cause issues.

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