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  • Heading to Charlotte....

    On Friday Perry & the boys, Big Dave and myself will be heading up to Charlotte together. We are going to take the South Carolina Highway 11, also known as the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway, is a state highway through the far north of South Carolina, following the southernmost peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The route is surrounded by peach orchards, quaint villages, and parks to bypass the construction on I-85 above Greenville SC and Spartanbugh SC. This is a 40 miles of construction with concrete barriers on both sides of you.
    If you want to tag along let one of us know before Friday morning. Dave and Perry are coming up Thursday afternoon. We will leave around 8am I figure and drive a little ways up to Tryon NC to eat breakfast. Dave knows the place. John & Kathy are like 20 minutes from the cafe' in Tryon,Dianne don't know your plans but ya'll are welcome you know. Anybody heading up that morning through the area is more than welcome. It's a nice ride not much traffic until we get up close to Charlotte.
    Ca't wait to see everyone again. Safe travels no matter where you maybe. Going to miss you Damon!!

    Retirement is better than I thought!