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Need a few 'Tour questions answered.

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  • Need a few 'Tour questions answered.

    Hello everyone, I haven't been active on any of the boards for a long time and I am thinking about doing the first few days of the Power Tour this year. I was at Z-Max for the 2014 'Tour but can't recall if the first "travel day" was a Saturday or Sunday. What day is the 'Tour heading out to Martinsville?

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      Did my first Power Tour in 1998 (one day of it) and came home and immediately got a personalized plate, POWRTOUR and have had it ever since. I have attended the 'Tour in the mid-2000's in NC and in Illinois. I took my Mom for a day trip one year, joining in along the route in Northern Illinois and stopping at the State Fairgrounds in Springfield, Illinois.
      My youngest son and I went one year where we joined up with some great guys in Beecher, IL and we toured up to Madison, WI that day. It was so friggin' cold (my son has shorts and a t-shirt on) and we froze our butts off...especially when it started drizzling. We decided to start heading 'home' to Peotone, IL and about a third of the way the weather totally changed and was great!
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