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What's everyone doing after the tour?

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    Originally posted by oletrux4evr View Post
    Vista Cruiser was running 210* cruising around town in slow traffic........had the radiator boiled and the cores rodded (4-core). New hoses, thermostat, radiator cap, radiator seals. Now cruises around town in slow traffic at 170*. Win-win!
    It's a win to live somewhere where they still "fix" radiators!


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      Yes, the only one in Wichita. Luckily, the shop consists of a guy who's been in the business 45 years, and his son who's been a partner for about 5. He plans to keep it going. I really hope our throw-away culture doesn't deprive him of enough business to force him to close the shop.
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        We’re down to one place here too and you kind of need to know where it is.
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