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  • Hot Rod Magazine Collectors - Help Please

    Does anybody that collects Hot Rod Magazine happen to have the April and/or May 1995 issues, that could check something for me?

    I'm just looking for some information that was published in those issues. Apparently while trying to get the word out about the first Power Tour, they listed the trip segment legs, overnights stops & venues, which is what I'm looking for.

    My online research mentions legs from Salina, Kansas to Chicago, Illinois with a venue in Kansas City, KS (Dick Clark's American Bandstand Restaurant) and another in Springfield, IL (Rock 'n Roll Hardees).

    1995 Hot Rod Power Tour
    May 13 - departs Petersen Automotive Museum; Los Angeles, CA at 7am
    May 14
    May 15
    May 16
    May 17
    May 18
    May 19
    May 20-21 - Hot Rod Power Festival at Norwalk Raceway; Norwalk, OH

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    I will check when I get home tonight. I think I have them back to 89/90. Was just thinking of thinning out my collection
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      Thanks Ken.
      Jim (squirrel) found the article in the April issue, so I'd like to see what they said in the May issue, if you've got it.


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        Is this what you're looking for?

        1995 Hot Rod Power Tour
        Saturday, May 13 - Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, NV for lunch, overnight in Cedar City UT.
        Sunday, May 14 - to Green River, UT and stay in Glenwood Springs, CO
        Monday, May 15 - to Limone, CO and then Goodland, KS to Northwest Kansas Technical School for a tour.
        Tuesday, May 16 - lunch in Salina, KS then staying in Kansas City, KS and party at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Restaurant.
        Wednesday, May 17 - lunch in Wentzville, MO and then to Springfield, IL
        Thursday, May 18 - toward Chicago then east to Marrillville, IN where Montgomery Ward & Auto Express threw a party.
        Friday, May 19 - take I-64 to Detroit, MI for another party
        May 20-21 - Hot Rod Power Festival at Norwalk Raceway; Norwalk, OH

        Its a post you made in 2018, I bookmarked it
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          Originally posted by Jesse James 80 View Post
          Is this what you're looking for?
          No, that's the info Squirrel found in the April issue a few days ago, that I used to update my original post. I'm looking for the follow-up article in the May 1995 issue. Thanks anyhow though.


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            I definitely have that issue in storage at my other home.
            I'm sure someone will have it long before I get there.

            Still have the original Power Tour sticker (from the magazine) on my number one Les Paul.
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