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Pictures of "Pops" (Bernie's Dad)

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  • Pictures of "Pops" (Bernie's Dad)

    Talked with Bernie this morning and his Dad isn't doing very well, he has been in the hospital and is coming home today with hospice care. Bernie wants to get some pictures of his Dad from Power Tour. If anyone has any and could send to Bernie would be great. His email is [email protected].

    Bernie said he would keep me informed as to how his Dad is doing and I'll post here. His dad was really hoping he would get to do one more tour but probably won't happen but all pictures would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Thoughts and prayers are forthcoming from us!
    Patrick & Tammy
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      Pop your on the prayer rooster hope he is resting comfortably and improving.
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        Sorry, I donít have any pictures of him to share.
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          Prayers for Pop, Bernie, and family.
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