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Are trailers allowed on power tour?

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  • Are trailers allowed on power tour?

    I can see "NO" being a good answer for various reasons.
    But- the group that I am planning on going with plans on taking a 'spare parts' trailer along on the journey.
    Has anyone done something similar?
    Or can we dump the trailer in spectator parking and then take the car into the event?
    See my build at:

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    You are correct. Not exactly in the spirit of the event. If you are only planning on pulling an empty trailer with nothing but "spare parts" that is one thing. If you plan on trailering a car from town to town, I couldn't see it being much fun. We have been doing it since 2009 & I have only seen trailers three times that I can recall. One was in Muskegon where the guy claimed to be driving the car but had a buddy following with a pickup & trailer. And he made the first stop & was loading the car at the motel to go home when we talked to him. One in Miami, Oklahoma where the pickup was probably too radical to drive very far. And I think that was actually a local guy. And my personal favorite was the shop owner that stopped south of Muskegon that was tailing the car that he built for a customer who was actually driving the car. The guy that offered to haul Mike & Susies '58 wagon to the next stop when it broke down. Then spent the whole trip pimping them for money. I always thought that it didn't show much faith in your build if you thought that you had to follow it on tour.
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      Some people have no room in their cars and some have trailers to sleep in at camp grounds.


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        True. I was just assuming that you were talking about a car trailer or trailering a car. If you are pulling a small trailer for anything no one really cares & people will just pull them right on into the show car area.
        ...when you got a fast car, you think you've got everything.


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          a few years back, a friend of mine took a larger camper behind his pickup and they would not let him in. however, i remember one year when someone was pulling a small "cute" old camper and he was allowed in. i think that is a question you need to present to the promoter directly.
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            Nobody cares if you have a trailer. There is no allow/disallow. For example, see this photo from the HRPT 2003 in Nashville (not my vehicle)

            Click image for larger version

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