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Remember to share your great stories and photos @ [email protected]

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  • Bigbuds1
    Re: Remember to share your great stories and photos @ [email protected]

    check your email...

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  • Remember to share your great stories and photos @ [email protected]

    While Chad and Daphne man the mobile command center, I'll be anchored here at the East Coast HQ coordinating junk, organizing content, and editing Chad's sentences.

    I'll also be monitoring our dedicated e-mail address for all your Forum Freaks to share your inside stories, jokes, funny photos, and hilarious one-liners. Is someone passed out in the back of a station wagon? Is there mechanical mischief afoot? Tell us at:

    [email protected]

    We're going to run blog items all day, every day, with your guerilla coverage from the fore front of the tour!

    Send your stuff! It does not need to be anything elaborate or fancy. A couple sentences, a funny photo, dat's it!

    While Chad and Daphne do the Bonnie and Clyde in the motorhome, I'll be duct tape holding this junk together at home. Keep me occupied and envious of all the fun you are having so I can share it with the world!!!!!!!!!!!

    BE SAFE, HAVE FUN AND ..................SPREAD THE BS!

    You all rule,