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  • Safety Equipment

    My opinion is:

    If you're doing Burnouts in the Towns where the spectators are right next to the cars and you don't have a driveshaft hoop and very strong axles.

    You're taking a chance of having a Very Bad Incident.

    One Who Knows

    Do you remember Richard Petty's Drag Racing accident.

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    Re: Safety Equipment


    So are you saying it is OK for me to do burnouts in town since I have both those items? :
    So if I bring a copy of my receipt for those parts can I give them to the constable when questioned about said behavior? :'(


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      Re: Safety Equipment


      I apologize.
      I was not thinking clearly when i started this.
      I am not a safety officer.
      I am a poor example of how to drive safety and within the speed limits.
      I am not a good example of "correct behavior for drivers".
      I am acting very recklessly when i do burnouts next to people.(there are more then driveshafts and axles that can break to cause serious problems).
      NO one needs my permission for anything.

      I had one of those chemical imbalances from the 60's.

      I have broken axles and have had a accident because of it.
      I was in a 55 Chevy 2Dr hardtop when the clutch exploded, humped up the floor boards, dashboard, and broke the windshield, bellhousing & clutch pieces went everywhere. We only had the top half the shield installed(primitive two piece outside of bell housing shield) With out it would have been a lot worse inside of car.

      From 62-71 I lived to race on the Street & Strip. Best of Times. A couple of very serious street racing accidents moved me off the streets to the Strip.
      Only thing that stopped me from racing was a garage fire,new baby, no money.


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        Re: Safety Equipment

        RATS Bob

        I thought I was going to have an excuse for my antisocial behavior :o

        Oh well, we can always look for someone else to blame it on as we cruise the small towns this year. ;)

        I'll go first if it makes you feel better ;D


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          Re: Safety Equipment

          Dang Bob, what a great disclaimer !
          You were'nt having any problems when you wrote that.

          Seriously, As you know I'm new to the PT and don't have a lot of experience with this sort of activity.
          I have seen all the videos and pictures in mags and was planning on "having some fun" (read smokin' burnouts here) when it looked appropriate.

          I would appreciate hearing about some of your experiences and some more on the safety equipment you mentioned above (of course taking into consideration abovementioned disclaimers).

          I also want the tires to last the whole trip !!

          Thanks ..


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            Re: Safety Equipment

            [quote=1956NY150 ] sure do... 66 hemi cuda during the mopar nascar boycott right?
            great disclaimer and good advice on the safety gear. Even if you are running an automatic(and big horsepower), you should have a blanket.
            Maybe I can clear this up.....I thought the cop was a prostitute.