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Bob and the '56.

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    Re: Bob and the '56.

    We have had this issue of Hot Rod at Diversified for 3 weeks. We usually get them about 1 to 2 weeks before they start showing up in mail boxes. We are supposed to keep them in the back for about a week, but we usually put them out right away.

    I will have to send Bob a check for his autograph. :D


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      Re: Bob and the '56.

      Originally posted by 173rdherd
      I think it's a circulation thing where they ship to where they sell the most first and they figure with nobody working in Granholms socialist state there's no money to spend on Hot Rod..............just a theory. ;D ;)

      maybe you need W back to get you guys back to work
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        Re: Bob and the '56.

        Originally posted by 173rdherd
        and was it good for you?

        I thought for sure I would get a rise out of you Mike
        I think Bob was going to get the rise first. After all, he went to the airport and wasn't even flying :
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          Re: Bob and the '56.

          Originally posted by redragtop
          Originally posted by BluLightning
          I bought my copy at the airport.
          So Bpb did you get a pat down at the airport?
          Nah,I just shuffled through the checkpoint with my pants around my ankles! :o ;D
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            Re: Bob and the '56.

            I'm up on Canada for a while, I found their last copy at the local Rx store !!!! Whoo hooo
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