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  • Happy Happy

    So it started simple enough

    I think I will have a beer

    That was good maybe another

    Then it became "a shot and a beer"

    Now it is (a shot and a beer)s

    So all I have left to say is

    #### YOU ALL

    urrrr I meant

    Happy Thanksgiving :-*

    and no Matt I am not holding up two for you!

    I hope all of you have a good holiday whatever that means to each of you.

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    Re: Happy Happy

    Ahhhh ...... same to you Allen ?


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      Re: Happy Happy

      All the best Allen :-* and the rest of the freaks

      a.k.a. - arrowhead from joysey

      "They're no good for you. all they ever think about are cars" (GTO/Warren Oates) - Two Lane Blacktop


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        Re: Happy Happy

        Hey #### you very much Allen...happy turkey day...see ya in june
        Never kick a fresh Turd on a hot day.....Harry S Truman


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          Re: Happy Happy

          You too Allen! (not you two) ;D

          Linda 8)


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            Re: Happy Happy

            Allen I read this one to my wife,,,,,,,,,,,,she went to sleep.
            Funny I think, Happy Turkey day to all, we wish for everyone to be able to spend time with Friends and Family.
            As Terri puts it, take some wime to Wine a little........or a lot ;D
            200WINS HRPT Long Haul 2008, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Bettendorf, WI Dells, 15 Champaign, Madison, 16 OK City, Wichita, KC, 17 KC, Newton


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              Re: Happy Happy

              Just one big dysfunctionally happy family.... :D
              The former Remy-Z

              "Remy-Z, you've outdone yourself again, I thought a Mirada was the icing on the cake of rodding, but this Imperial is the spread of little 99-cent candy letters spelling out "EAT ME" on top of that cake."


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                Re: Happy Happy

                Everybody have a safe and great Thanksgiving!!
                HRPT LH- 09,10,11,12
                DW- 12,16,17
                "Stay thirsty my friends"
                The worlds most interesting man


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                  Re: Happy Happy

                  No napping! Have a great one friends.


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                    Re: Happy Happy

                    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
                    2006 HRPT LH
                    2007 HRPT LH
                    2011 Valdosta Stop


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                      Re: Happy Happy

                      Happy Thanksgiving - Go Lions - oh well, one out of two ain't bad.
                      Phil / Omaha


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                        Re: Happy Happy

                        To all of my BS friends......

                        Ed & Jane Tampa, FL
                        1966 Plymouth Fury III
                        2014 Dodge Ram 1500
                        Long Hauler - 2009,2010,2012,2013,2014
                        Cocoa Beach & Valdosta - 2011


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                          Re: Happy Happy

                          Have a very BS Thanksgiving all .... be safe in your travels and take time to enjoy your family and friends.
                          Whiskey for my men ... and beer for their horses!


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                            Re: Happy Happy



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                              Re: Happy Happy

                              Now that's funny..... ;D
                              Ed, Mary, & 'Earl'
                              HRPT LongHaulers, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19.

                              Inside every old person is a young person wondering, "what the hell happened?"

                              The man at the top of the mountain didn't fall there. -Vince Lombardi