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Anyone Know of some good side trips along the way?

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    Re: Anyone Know of some good side trips along the way?

    Sometimes you can pick & choose what you would rather wont be forced to do anything you dont want to do. You can set up your own schedule. A lot of people dont go to the morning meeting, a lot of people stick to the interstate instead of the 2 lane roads. You will be surprised where you will see people on the tour. In 2005 heading to Milwaukee, I stopped in Mateno, Ill and ran into people headed to Milwaukee, also went by Rad Rides by Troy & received a personal tour by Troys's father. They where expecting long haulers to come by on the way from Milwaukee to Springfield that year. Also that year from Nashville to Birmingham a lot of long haulers took a side trip to Talladega Speedway Museum before hitting the check in point. The only thing you are obligated to do is punch the time clock at each venue to verify you being there. ;D
    That steely eyed look I had behind the wheel was me trying see..........