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    Originally posted by 66Fury3 View Post
    Jane & me are going to the Walter P. Chrysler Museum Saturday after the Long Haul meeting.... Its only 32 miles north of Detroit.....

    Well worth the trip! And the CEMA show is in the parking lot that day too! You'll see a bunch of mopars. We might go there as well, been 10 years since I toured it, but we have inside connections at chrysler, probably going to get into the HQ and get inside the top secret styling dome, maybe tour their secret lair of prototypes and heritage cars that aren't in the museum.


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      I Googled CEMA and got "Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Assciation". Sounds like a blast. :-)
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        Originally posted by Impala_Guy View Post
        I Googled CEMA and got "Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Assciation". Sounds like a blast. :-)
        Ok. You got me. LOL Should have specified. It's in this thread:

        Originally posted by Devil View Post
        Well it is official, we have been invited to the CEMA 22nd Annual Show after the Long Haul!

        22nd Annual CEMA
        (Chrysler Employee Motorsport Association)
        Car Show

        Fins, Fashion & Chrome

        Special Guests at the 2011 CEMA Car Show:
        "Mr. Norm” Kraus of Grand Spaulding Dodge in Chicago
        Margery Krevsky – Author of “Sirens of Chrome” - The Enduring Allure of Auto Show Models
        Special Feature: The NHRA Museum “Road Tour” will be on display

        Welcome 2011 MoPowered Tour Participants!

        On the Grounds of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum
        One Chrysler Drive, Auburn Hills, MI

        The CEMA Car Show benefits the Walter P. Chrysler Museum Foundation.


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          Originally posted by Vsolo View Post
          After the LH Picture I'm heading to the 23rd annual Ontario Camaro Nationals . It Runs from June 10-12th.
          If you are registered they are having a tour of the Camaro plant there on the 10th but I'll miss that.
          Bill, you got your passport, you'll need one.
          Living the dream!


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            Originally posted by Bigbuds1 View Post
            Bill, you got your passport, you'll need one.
            Yup it is all packed, in my HRPT Binder.
            Thanks anyways I double checked to make sure it was still there
            I was up there last September & November working with the Canadian Air Force, I had no idea the plant was that close to where I was (about 80 miles). Hopefully the crowd at the boarder won't be too bad, It too me about 35 minutes one time & an hour the second time.
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