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2011 Trans Am and GTO on American Choppers

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  • Dave the Bartender II
    Hey Bishir !
    Yes it is. They were in Hot Rod a few years ago with the proto type and now it has evolved into the production car. I think the new cars will be featured in Hot Rod again (soon) and they just took Paul Sr's Black "Hurst" Trans Am for a photo shoot last week, to High Performance Pontiac Magazine's place in Tampa.
    There are some great stories I could tell but I hate to ruin anything they might show on the episodes of American Chopper . . . BUT . . . it might be worth watching just to see Sr. scatter the drive shaft all over the track in Gainesville when he drove the 1200 hp twin turbo, white car !
    Hope Discovery does a good job. The camera crew was great, but they aren't the editors.

    Trans Am fan too DTB

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  • elcaminogirl59
    When will it be on TV??

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  • bishir
    Cool, you got friends everywhere Dave. I haven't seen the show, but was it this one, or one like it?

    If so awesome, I always like Trans Ams better. Especially the 89 Turbo TA.

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  • 2011 Trans Am and GTO on American Choppers

    My friend is part owner in Trans Am Depot. ( They thought since Pontiac missed the boat on continuing the legacy of the Trans Am, they would figure out a way to create their own version. Using a new Camaro they created a new Trans Am and a new GTO. The Trans Am debuted at SEMA last year and when Paul Sr. from Orange County Choppers saw it, he knew he had to have one.

    One thing led to another and OCC built three Choppers to match Trans Am Depot’s three signature cars. They filmed the whole process for two episodes of the Discovery Channel’s American Choppers, and it will be on next week. I was lucky enough to attend the “reveal” in Boston MA at the World of Wheels Car Show and I think it will be worth watching. The programing says this Monday nite the 9th and next Monday nite the 16th, but you never know with TV ! Hey look for DTB in the back ground of the reveal. I will be wearing a bright orange shirt and smilin like a possum eatin shit !!!
    Still Smilin DTB
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