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Interesting info on sponsorships for the 2011 Tour

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  • Interesting info on sponsorships for the 2011 Tour

    If you've ever wondered what it cost to be a sponsor of the Power Tour, here's a skinny plus some facts on expectations of attendance for 2011. What do you say we each pitch in a $grand$ and pick up a co-sponsorship?

    Presenting Sponsor : GM Performance Division
    Cruise Night Sponsors : Painless, Holley, Pioneer, Coker Tire
    Dyno Challenge : Lucuas and E3 Spark Plugs (buy Lucas and/or E3 plugs get a free or 50% dyno)
    Main Stage Sponsor : Comp Cams
    Vision Screen : Magnaflow (Chip Foose signing on Friday June 10th in Detroit and "goodie bag" gifts as well as a special offering to the Long haulers and each night, we will be giving away a free exhaust system valued up to $1500 MSRP)
    Product Sponsors
    - Raybestos
    - UPS (UPS will be recognizing select Long Haulers nightly with complimentary UPS shipping boxes for collectibles and goodies collected along the event! These select Long Haulers can keep this HRPT branded UPS box as a souvenir)
    - Dakota Digital(Each stop of the Power Tour, Dakota Digital will be giving away a brand new VHX analog instrument system!)
    - and more....
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    That is pretty interesting.
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      My neighbor's company that he is VP of sponsors the tour. Gold Eagle products. He says that between the sponsorship, driver ,rig and gas they spend roughly 65 grand for the week .Bob Cleveland is the driver ( lawn mower man) usually does this by himself setting up and tearing down. Bob said he loves it and can't think of anything he'd rather do than hang out with all of us .
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        It makes me think it would almost be cheaper to build an awesome car with your product and pimp it on the tour...
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          That was a nice find and some cool reading. I liked the bus sponsorship page. I think 12 of us could pitch in a grand each and put the BS logo on the bus ("officially", this time). I expect to spend more than that on gas. Think of the possibilties. You'd have a designated driver & rock star parking all week.
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            So, $5k to just host a lunch?
            I suppose, if you had a big enough facility, drop another few grand on food and a few more on the setup, what's that equated to advertising dollars?
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