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  • Leave it Oil Pan or ?

    One half of distributor gear dropped into oil pan
    Leave 56 at home
    start 56 and drive it normally fast
    deny that there is a piece in the oil pan and that there is a head gasket leak
    change oil to get any little pieces
    just drink and go to bed
    remove oil pan remove piece (need to pull engine)

    The poll is expired.

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    Originally posted by 1956NY150 View Post
    One half of distributor gear dropped into oil pan
    I have a loaner car ,see count down thread.
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      Do you have windage tray? If you don't I wouldn't sweat it. It will proably just ride around inthe sump. I have a motor with a broken dipstick riding around in it if it makes you fell better v
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        Leave 56 at home? Yeah, like that's even an option.

        How fast can you get the motor in and out?
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          I don't think you need to take the motor all the way out,just tilt it up and pull. But if it's in the pan,the pump won't be able to pick it up and it will just go on the tour with you..Pull the motor in the winter..
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            Pulling Engine

            I discovered a leak at the rear of the pan in my malibu last week . Pulled it in the shop Saturday at 3. Pulled the engine installed a 1 piece Pan gasget And had it running at 12:00 Sunday.


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              With your new lift, you can raise the car a bit, get your engine hoist/leveler on it, disconnect the engine mounts and tranny mount, tilt the engine/tranny just high enough to get the pan off and back on. Needless to say, other stuff will have to be loosened, but I don't think you'll have to completely remove the engine. Don't forget to plug the back of the transmission after you remove the driveshaft...........
              Once it's bolted back up, I'd replace that head gasket.
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                Originally posted by BluLightning View Post
                Leave 56 at home?
                Blashemy - worst comes to worst install a 'pick a part' motor, you'll have almost the same amount of fun with the electric cutouts and 4500 rpm traffic light launches
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                  Don't leave the 56 at home! Fix it and drive it like you stole it!!!! Hammer down till you hear tires and smell s___!!!!
                  Patrick & Tammy
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                    Jerk the engine,replace with a Chrysler engine.You'll never have that prob.again.
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                      Bob, pull the engine, remove the debris and replace head gaskets with MLS. We want you to be safe and have your car reliable. It's Monday 11:30PM......Is the engine out yet??
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                        This sounds like a BS poll Bob. You know what you have to do, now just do it. You have enough time. Remember, denial is not a river in Egypt
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                          Did you not say the gear was Plastic? Change the oil and fix the Head Gasket..... Done!

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                            He'll get it done. Probably is already and he wants "US" to sweat the details !
                            Has anyone seen my fan?


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                              I am working on this but not for this year
                              i am a Dodge Fan without enough money to own one (65 Hemi Dart)
                              Originally posted by HEMI View Post
                              Jerk the engine,replace with a Chrysler engine.You'll never have that prob.again.
                              Look I have been here done that
                              oil pan in the car project
                              much more difficult than u guys are letting on

                              I will adjust valves, change oil, change plugs,
                              and start engine, if it doesnt come apart
                              i will use K&W stop leak on head gasket leak
                              will take for test drive and beat it
                              if it survives it goes on HRPT 11

                              Or i may go and buy a Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustrang/Chevolet Camaro and drive with a warrenty
                              or drive the WIFES CAR with a 100 NOS Shot

                              PS: if i didn't need to work each day, sleep and wasnt 66 years old
                              this would be done all ready
                              i miss U FREAKS

                              i did find a perfect 67 Nova 4 door, 6 auto for $1500, that could make the tour
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