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    Originally posted by 1956NY150 View Post
    I am working on this but not for this year
    i am a Dodge Fan without enough money to own one (65 Hemi Dart)

    Look I have been here done that
    oil pan in the car project
    much more difficult than u guys are letting on

    I will adjust valves, change oil, change plugs,
    and start engine, if it doesnt come apart
    i will use K&W stop leak on head gasket leak
    will take for test drive and beat it
    if it survives it goes on HRPT 11

    Or i may go and buy a Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustrang/Chevolet Camaro and drive with a warrenty
    or drive the WIFES CAR with a 100 NOS Shot

    PS: if i didn't need to work each day, sleep and wasnt 66 years old
    this would be done all ready
    i miss U FREAKS

    i did find a perfect 67 Nova 4 door, 6 auto for $1500, that could make the tour

    Now there's the boob we all know and love!
    Ed, Mary, & 'Earl'
    HRPT LongHaulers, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19.

    Inside every old person is a young person wondering, "what the hell happened?"

    The man at the top of the mountain didn't fall there. -Vince Lombardi


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      Does the gear happen to be steel?

      If so, a heavy magnet on the outside of the pan will likely keep it in place, as far from the pickup as you can manage. Just a thought from a hack....
      Of all the paths you take in life - make sure a few of them are dirt.


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        the gear i believe is made of a material called Peek (Comp Cams Gear)
        non magnetic (darn it)
        i am not bad mouthing the Peek material, no wear signs on gear (+-10,000 miles)
        i think loose SCREW jammed up rotor and cap after car stopped because of rotor tip being broke off
        and when tried to restart gear broke


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          Peek is a pretty hard plastic, usually filled with glass fiber. But it is plastic. Your plan sounds good... Maybe replace the Peek gear with a bronze gear (steel cam?) to avoid this in the future. Wish power tour wasnt so dang far away this year...

          Bruce K Bridges


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            up and running
            sounds good
            could not seal head head gasket because K&W stuff was solid in can

            will head to city early am to try and get some that is Ok, 24v hour cure

            broke air conditioning line, have to fit in recharging system

            i used bronze gear: sometime read the BS on the break in of the gear
            Bullet cams said use a bronze gear on billet cam they provided

            moving forward

            OH yea canadian Dale
            has provided some needed help

            starter sounds like crap but engine starts at touch of key
            i have a spare in a bag


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              Well if need be Bob, my garage will be available when you get here if you have to work on something. And if a lift is needed bobbowtie lives close and he has a lift in his shop.
              I R Bob
              You can't drink all day unless you start in the morning!
              2007 LH, 2008 LH, 2009 LH, 2010 LH, 2011 LH, 2012 DNF/BLOW'D UP, 2013 LH, 2014 LH


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                Very good news Bob. I knew you could do it!
                Ed, Mary, & 'Earl'
                HRPT LongHaulers, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19.

                Inside every old person is a young person wondering, "what the hell happened?"

                The man at the top of the mountain didn't fall there. -Vince Lombardi


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                  Excellent news Roberto....
                  Phil / Omaha


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                    Woo-Hoo.... Good deal Bob....

                    Ed & Jane Tampa, FL
                    1966 Plymouth Fury III
                    2014 Dodge Ram 1500
                    Long Hauler - 2009,2010,2012,2013,2014
                    Cocoa Beach & Valdosta - 2011


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                      Just doing fine Tully NY

                      manage to drop/place air chuck adapter in intake maniford thermostat hole
                      yup its also staying there for tour

                      ONE MORE DAY FOR next day SUMMIT ORDERS


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                        "We must endeavor to perservere"... Chief Dan George quoting President Grant in Outlaw Josie Wales.
                        Maybe I can clear this up.....I thought the cop was a prostitute.


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                          things are just great in my world

                          after hail damaged on house, etc

                          Had to take car into city to get air conditioning recharged, and test ride because i could not last night.

                          Hard rain, rain , rain as the windshield wiper on passenger side screws up and jams into crowl,
                          try to repair in restraunt parking lot, cut my finger good, hit self in mouth cut lip, and then i went insidefor breakfast, good show!

                          oh ya, at 60 in the rain and u step on it hard she comes around pretty good, must drive with a EGG under my foot in the rain

                          See u freaks in Hahnsville La, tuesday, then on to Cocoa Beach for friday



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                            I had a rocker stud break one time and when it did it some how poped the inside's of the lifter out,so I put a new stud and lifter in drove and raced the car for 3 more years.Then when rebuilding it and pulled the pan there was the plunger,spring and retainer still laying in the pan after all that time.
                            78 se trans am,67 rs ss camaro,69 BBO Javelin,55 chevy and a bunch of other junk that needs finished.


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                              Bob we may/may not see you on I-10 during your journey to Cocoa. We plan on stopping near Lake City Thursday night at the HIE.
                              Powertour off/on since 2002


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                                Call or test me your number and i will try and call wednesday PM and see where we all are.
                                Bluelightning and I and maybe others
                                315 447 7183

                                home to fix the wipers and pack