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Road Rescue - MUST READ ** (posted on behalf of DTB)

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  • Road Rescue - MUST READ ** (posted on behalf of DTB)

    Subject: Road Rescue – MUST READ

    One of my best friends is a kick ass welder, therefore there is nothing at my house that needs welded. Funny, there is very little he can’t do. Put up a circus sized tent the morning of my wedding . . . in a monsoon ! Fabed custom exhaust manifold spacers for my Camino, Custom traction bars for my five five, a custom bed floor for my 59 pick-up, even fabed up barstools for the HandleBar, a “hang-out” we built in the back of the garage. Well you get the picture, he likes to stay busy.

    That’s why it didn’t surprise me that for the 2010 Power Tour he said to me, “I am going to drive my welding rig and give a hand to any of your buddies that need some help.” He made it look so rewarding that I decided to ride shotgun this year and help out with the 50 or so potential Road Rescues that might be in store for him.

    Seriously, let me tell you something, he hasn’t had a day off since New Year’s Day so he could do this “Road Rescue” for his vacation this year. That is why it is heartbreaking to tell all you folks that Bull the Rogue Welder will not be going on the 2011 Power Tour this year.

    Real life has reared its ugly head and some legal obligations involving the “old” Road Rescue, 6.0 Liter Pig . . . “I mean truck,” have sprung up, and of course his presence is mandatory. I don’t know the details but I think “contempt” means the Power Tour plays second fiddle to this sovereignty.
    I can’t imagine what it feels like to have your, well deserved, vacation pulled out from under your feet like this, but I do know, I don’t want to be around his “pissed-off ass” come June 4th.

    Bull, I think I can speak for everyone here on BS and say, your kindness and positive attitude has touched us all and this is something we will greatly miss this year. I for one will try to carry on your “Pay it Forward” philosophy and help out anybody I can on the Tour this year. But without you there, I hope I don’t end up muttering “How did I let that damn Bull get me into this SHIT !”

    Often serious and sometimes humorous DTB
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    Phil / Omaha

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    Aw man that sucks that Bull can't go this year. I was looking forward to enjoying a few cold ones with him. Bull, if you read this, I owe you a few brother.
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      That is indeed very bad news. To lose your vacation just sucks. Hope Bull can at least make the starting line party.
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        as you know Bull, anything i can do for you.
        hope you at least make the starting line party.
        remembering Memphis
        Bruce, Sanford, Fl

        welcome to my world


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          I hope they make it up to you Big Time Bull. $$$$$$ But it still sucks......

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            Bummer. Still have not met up with you yet man, but hope stuff goes ok and nothing super bad.
            Hope to meet up in 2012!
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              Bummer Bull, hope you make the SLP or can hang out in Florida anyways. Also hope all goes well in your obligations.
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                What a bummer, Bull! Hope you can make the starting line party if only for a little while, would love to meet you and shake your hand. Obligations in life are something to take seriously, but they better make it worthwhile for you$$$$!!



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                  Hope the end outcome is in your favor Bull! maybe see you at the kickoff party?
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                    Sorry Bull

                    law suit procedures do usually get postponed alot
                    especially if your RIGHT
                    I hope there is a chance u can make some/all of the tour

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                      X2, hope to see you at the SLP at least.
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                        That really sux, I will say though after reading this I think I will bring my open car hauler trailer now. My truck broke the camshaft last year and I sold the motor, so it's out. My wifes GTO has the procharger leaking like a pig and don't have time to repair, so I'm bringing my shop truck instead (2000 Chevy 3500 dually 4 door lwb) I was pondering bringing my trailer just in case someone needs to be hauled back to the next stop or where ever to get repaired if not possible to fix on road. It only gets 10mpg and I don't think the trailer is going to make it any worse, just concerned with parking at the venues, not sure if it will be an issue having it? Thoughts??


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                          What a good thought. And there won't be any issues at the venues for parking. The lots are so large to handle the couple of thousand cars that one more space being taken won't be noticed..And again,thanks for thinking of the other guy...and gal..
                          I just love my Hot Rods.

                          Long Hauled 2009,2010,2011,2012 and 2013. Loved every minute of it.


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                            Thanks, this will be our 3 year long hauling and I just know some of the stops get a little tight and the hotel parking is an issue sometimes. I know last year I helped at least 5 cars get back going and one we couldn't the msd failed and luckily one guy stopped and unloaded his car and we pushed the broken in. The satisfaction of helping people is priceless!


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                              I couldn't agree more!
                              HRPT LH- 09,10,11,12
                              DW- 12,16,17
                              "Stay thirsty my friends"
                              The worlds most interesting man