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  • And the winners are????

    Started a new tradition this freak of the year. Thought it would be cool to give a little something to a guy and gal that show what it's like to give in the name of the fourm freaks. I had Terri make a pink and a blue hat that said "forum freak of the year 2011" on each of them.

    This hopefully will become an annual tradition with this year's winners picking next year.

    For the ladies the winner is...Terri (elcaminogirl) and yes she made her own hat!

    For the gentlemen the winner is...Rett (street72) for all he's done this past year with Dalton at SEMA and lining up the booth with Painless for the quilt give away.

    Thanks to both of you for all your giving!!!!


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    CONGRATS to the Freaks of the year! Rett and Terri, thank you for being the givers that you are.
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      great idea

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        Congratulations! Great people, great idea!
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          Way to go Terri (elcaminogirl) & Rett (street72)

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            I agree, it's a great idea.
            Congrats to you both, Terri and Rett. Very well placed awards, indeed.
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              Originally posted by oletrux4evr View Post
              I agree, it's a great idea.
              Congrats to you both, Terri and Rett. Very well placed awards, indeed.
              Ditto...Congratulations again
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                It will be up to Terri and Rett to pick next year's winners. Talked to Rett on the way home when we stopped somewhere in Nebraska and he is ready for the challenge to pick someone. It's a small jester but Rett and Terri did so much this past year.