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  • HRPT 2011 Official DRINK.

    I just want to say thanks to everyone that placed an order. I hope everyone liked what they received. For anyone that got a drink with my name on top or a silver X on the top be careful because that was my private stock and it is stronger than the usual stuff. I should have brought Moore but figured I had enough for everyone but ran out before the parking lot was empty, I did manage to hide one Watermelon to bring back home.

    So I have an Idea that I want to run by everyone Who would be interested in placing orders for Christmas. If I have enough interest in this and enough orders placed I would be willing to drive to a central location and meet up with everyones order. I WILL NOT SHIP THROUGH USPS, UPS, or FED-EX. To risky. All the same flavors will be available and may include 3 new ones I am working on Lemonade, Honey, and Maybe butterscotch again. I will also be starting back with the peach in July with the Elberta peaches. I also have a batch of scrupling & muscodine to try and see how it is. Hope to have all flavors worked out by nov 15th. Just post hear yes or no on a christmas order and how many. If I get enough orders I will do it. Thanks and a sfe and fun trip to all PRO65.
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    Moonshine the official Power Tour Drink.

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    Its all good. make a few more for when you come to brents and I'll get some from you.
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      Coming there next week the 21ST so let me know what you want and fast. Si I have time to get it done.
      Moonshine the official Power Tour Drink.


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        Any special Drinks for this years tour?
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          Originally posted by GTPilot88 View Post
          Any special Drinks for this years tour?
          There's nothing better than good Moonshine! I'm sorta partial to the Peach, myself, if some happened to be available on HRPT 2012!
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            Are you taking any orders for 12 PT, know this is short notice.