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  • Originally posted by pintoboy77 View Post
    Dez_Racer what year is the Dodge looks pretty solid what I can see of it and whats the plans for it rat rod or full resto.

    Sorry to hear about the scumbag attack Bucky. Would'nt you just like to catch that peice of crap for about 10 mins. alone.
    from what i have found out it is a 51 dodge. very solid it has two very small rust spots in the floor that is it.been out in nevada its wholelife
    i am building a 283 sbc stroked to a 301 with a 700r4 trans on a S-10 chassis i will have a/c in it for sure it gets hot here in sin city i am just going to keep it simple cause that is what my dad wanted so it will have all of the patina left on it and have a modern suspension and drivetrain


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      • 326...Pontiac!
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        • Originally posted by 200WINS View Post
          327.......Mary, did Ed welcome you to the board? And did Earl know what was going on? And David Miller what in the world is she talking about?

          Happy Monday!!
          326...Interesting story that she will have to tell you about Mr. Miller , or rather his observations of her

          Originally posted by Bucky67 View Post
          327.... FYI, Jade is getting an alarm this week. She was broken into Sunday, late morning/early afternoon sitting in the Cheddar's parking lot while I hate lunch with my nephew and hellions. The thieves stole my wallet, all my ID's, $100.00 cash, and my nephews back pack.

          This is one Monday I'm HATING!!!!
          That sucks beyond what normally Monday sucks

          This truck just didn't seem to look "right" on that hoist. Looked ready to fall any moment

          P.S. Ed, I see your new job has you up pretty early (or is that up pretty late),. Hows that going for you?
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          • 326...
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            • 326....
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              • 326.......97 to day
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                • 326... 101 yesterday. Supposed to be hotter today. The heat index is the real killer.
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                  • 326

                    Sunny & 89*


                    • 326
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                      • 326...
                        Don't know how hot it got the past couple of was still 100* on the front porch at 8:30 last night. Humidity must be near a million.....
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                        • 326.... Yup, summers here ya'll. I know it's hot, but in all honesty, I'd rather it be balls hot, then freezing ass cold.... Ha Ha Ha!!

                          As for the crack head, worthless scums that broke into Jade, USAA and Citi has tracked them trying to use the cards 3 different times throughout the day on Sunday. One would think that if it doesn't work the first time, comes back stolen, you wouldn't use it again?!?!?! But then again, one would also think you wouldn't break into a car of that caliber at 11:00 A.M on a Sunday morning. Good news though, I have address and times of all the tried attempts, so I'm hoping that HPD can get video of these bastards!!!
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                          • Originally posted by IOWA552SLOW View Post
                            327...any home remedies for killing mosquitos? bug city up here.
                            eat lots of garlic......326
                            Bruce, Sanford, Fl

                            welcome to my world


                            • 326 Poncho

                              Strange but true (from Wikipedia). In 63 Pontiac offered the "326" in the Tempest with the weak rope driveshaft and Corvair transaxle but it actually displaced 336 CID. It was a smaller version of the 389. In 64 when the new A bodies came out there was a GM corporate mandate that limited displacement to no bigger than 330 CID and so the 326's bore was reduced to create a true "326".

                              Bucky, I really hope those losers are caught and treated without mercy. I was just tellin mrs arrowhead about Jade and how the theives' action was the epitome of the f*** you culture laying in the weeds
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                              • 326
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