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Jamey Andersons death on 2010 PowerTour

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    Thank you for the update. Hope Dalton is still doing well.
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      precisely, an example of what's wrong with America's criminal justice system...........prison sentences, longer, rather than shorter, build more prisons if needed.....rexx
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        Maybe contact the local media in Birmingham with this outrageous lack of justice you are getting from the DA.... Here is Florida law, Alabama has to have something similar.....

        The most serious Reckless Driving charge is Vehicular Manslaughter (aka Vehicular Homicide), pursuant to Fla. Statute 782.071, is where, while driving recklessly, it causes the death of another. Vehicular Manslaughter is a second degree felony punishable by a 15 year Prison sentence and a permanent license revocation. Even if there are no drugs or alcohol involved, if a person is driving in a reckless manner and it causes a death to someone else, whether it be another driver, pedestrian, or even own passenger, you could be charged under this statute.

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          Here in Ga you could file a wrongful death suit against her and could probably win.
          OH YEAH
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            It was great to have met you two this week. As I said to you the police, DA, no one contacted us. I think this in itself is lack of a faithful attempt to investigate. Take care and watch out for the crazy drivers. Just a couple hours ago (on our way home) an idiot was passing numerous cars and almost clipped us as he pulling back into our lane from passing. He had to pull in to a void hitting a car head on. Again, it was a pleasure to meet some of Jamey's family.


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              He is remembered every year by many of us.
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              Jim & Cathy North Mankato, MN Long Haulers '04,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14 Short Haul '05,'15,'17,’19 WST '14,'15,'16,'17,’18