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Debate about going this year.

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  • Debate about going this year.

    Yup, time for that yearly "Andy stresses needlessly about the debate for going on Powertour" thread.

    Pros don't even need to be listed!

    Cons: freaking gasoline budget this year is spooking me a bit for some reason.
    I don't plan on doing the full tour.

    Biggest bummer this year Mel has gotten accepted for a new job...and can't take the time off. I have a buddy that wants to come with, but aside from kicking in for the hotel deal and his own food, gas is still an issue.

    At this point...still planning on coming out to the tour with Scott, and go to Detroit, Muskegon, and probably the Illinois stop.

    Also getting a lot of grief from my old man about this...and he thinks I'm nuts and doesn't like me "pissing away a F load of cash" for this deal.
    My reply, we need to get you a real damn car like his last 68 nova with a 454, and you'd change your tune!


    Anyways...just my minor rant about things for this year. Hell, at least I have the AC sorted out now, and just got a new windshield installed tonight.

    Part of me also needs to get down to Oklahoma, I own Dean a pair of 351 cleveland manifolds!
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    Andrew would like the chance to meet you ,but you have got to do whats best for you. I myself am only doing the first two stops do to other things that have come up, but I guess two is better than none. Take Care.
    Greg & Mendy Dayton, Ohio 2007LH 2008LH 2010LH 2011LH 2012 1st 2 stops 2013LH 2015 1st 2 stops2016LH 2017 first and last stops . 2018 LH ("It's better to be dead and cool than alive and uncool!! Harley Davidson!")


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      You know my answer grasshopper -
      Phil / Omaha


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        Andrew, It will be great to see you again and 2 or 3 stops are better than none......

        Ed & Jane Tampa, FL
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          YOU MUST GO!!!!...sent you an message on FB!...Going to Miami makes sense, because it is only 4-6 hours from home then.

          And i think your friend should help with some gas...Maybe every 3rd or 4th tank.

          Stay in Touch and i will see you at my house on the 31st!
          Long Hauler 2009, 10, 11, 12, 15 3 of 7 in 2013 5 of 8 in 2014 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT


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            Not attending at least part of PT is like skipping any great event. It is easy to make find reasons not to go. Money, time, spending time at home, bla, bla, bla. After it is too late, and you know everyone is there having fun, it drives you crazy. It get's even worse when others start posting pictures and talking about it.

            Thats why I buy t-shirts, hats, and jackets at almost every event I go to. Even if I don't really care for them. Once I miss that chance, I can never go back and get one.
            If it was easy, everyone would do it.

            Brighton, MI


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              got to go to at least some of it.
              as far as gas, your friend should pay half. after all, it's your car that is taking the wear and tear. my buddy that rides with me, or vice versa, we split the gas down the middle.
              Bruce, Sanford, Fl

              welcome to my world


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                You'll probably regret not going.
                Jim & Cathy North Mankato, MN Long Haulers '04,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14 Short Haul '05,'15,'17,’19 WST '14,'15,'16,'17,’18


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                  a) Hooters. Stop going. Save your lunch money for gas.
                  b) Mel... call her in sick that week if they can't see giving her off. Something horribly contagious.
                  c) ignore bad advice about b) if it is going to cause problems

                  I'd bum hard if I couldn't take my girl. I have never normally had a girl that would do this sort of crap. The one I have now would, and I'd rather keep her than go if that's what it took to keep her.

                  Gas is cheap, Glory is forever.
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                    Last year we could not swing the cost of hotels and gas for the whole tour we did Indy through Detroit, It was great to see everyone that made it that far... (Missed Ed&Jane). But do what you can and we'll see you in June!
                    HRPT Long Haul '09,'10', '12, '13,'14,'15
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                      I think you NEED to be at the start (can't miss the BS party) and take it day by day. Before you know it you will be a very happy boy in Texas glad that you did the whole thing. If you really can't make it to TX, at least make the start
                      FKA Redragtop
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                        What BS Party?Andrew

                        stop fooling around


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                          Originally posted by 1956NY150 View Post
                          What BS Party?
                          Diversified Customs?


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                            Originally posted by cstmwgn View Post
                            Diversified Customs?
                            Mike Copeland's shop!

                            nom de guerre - arrowhead from joysey

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                              i feel your pain, Vickie cant make it this year, new job same boat as Mel, i am only going as far a St Louis, gonna hook a left and head to the ranch, 19 hours from home -vs- 36 wins everytime
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