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Practice run up Route 66 to Williams.

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  • Practice run up Route 66 to Williams.

    Rett and I took our wives and two other couples up Route 66 to Williams and hung out in the Grand Canyon and Sedona for a few days. The drive up was only 430 miles plus 45 to the GC and 60 down through Flagstaff to Sedona. After this trip we are ready for 6500 miles starting May 26th. I can't wait to get this trip full throttle.

    Here's some pictures of the Route 66 portion of the trip:
    Route 66 from San Berdo to Williams
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    Nice pics Chuck...Thanks for sharing
    Hard to believe nobody else wanted to hang out in the train car with the "cool kids"
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      I agree, nice pics Chaz - practice for your new blog this year too. Which I will now take the time to say that last years was probably the best of any car trip blogs I've seen. When trying to explain Power Tour to people I send them a link to Canyon Lake Car Club, click on Power Tour and it's done. Keep up the good work and we'll see ya in a couple weeks.
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        Thanks Chuck great pictures! See you 2 two weeks from today!



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          Looks like an excellent adventure....and that is a 'quality' used car lot for sure!
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            That is so cool. I love it out west. Great pictures.
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              Great pictures. I loved the one restroom photo with a 60's VW Bus door as a privacy panel.

              Those pictures made me so homesick.
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