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Official 2012 HRPT Pics.

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    Thanks guys...I appreciated seeing them all.
    1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport and other FoCoMo problem children

    2020...year of getting screwed by a Narcissist and learning hard lessons into trusting the wrong people on a business venture.
    2021...year of singing "99 problems but an asshole ain't one"

    Moved cross country twice on a role of the dice...I left Nebraska and came back to Nebraska.


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      Click image for larger version

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      returning the motor
      [QUOTE=67 Malibu;652030]
      Originally posted by 67 Malibu View Post
      Mike had used his AA membership to get it towed from the Lane Automotive stop to Champaign.

      Hey sorry about the freudian slip on the Triple A membership, Mike. I meant to say AAA instead of AA. Which we both know is Alchoholics Anonymous.
      Just saw the pics Mike and I sure do appreciate the mini was really cool hanging with you and Laura for the time that we could and look forward to next year. All those people involved were most was hosted by Rod and Kelly Euchner and Motor was supplied by Jim Coons. Mechanics were Travis, Josh, Kent, Atwood, and a few others including Mike and myself in limited roles. The event was photographed by Phil (another long hauler since 98) and I hope to get some images when I get caught up.
      Maybe I can clear this up.....I thought the cop was a prostitute.


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        CONEHEAD could be your next plate Dannie -
        Phil / Omaha


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          Phil / Omaha


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            Originally posted by ogre View Post
            captured from hrpt youtube video around 8:08

            What devilish looking group we have here!
            Long Haul Gang 2011,12,13,14,15,16,17,19
            The older I get The Faster I was!


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              Chevrolet 454 Dually by intriguish, on Flickr

              IMG_0074 by intriguish, on Flickr

              IMG_0072 by intriguish, on Flickr

              IMG_0065 by intriguish, on Flickr

              IMG_0048 by intriguish, on Flickr

              Pro Touring 1969 Chevrolet Camaro by intriguish, on Flickr

              IMG_9702 by intriguish, on Flickr

              Seth's Z06 by intriguish, on Flickr

              IMG_9707 by intriguish, on Flickr

              IMG_9744 by intriguish, on Flickr

              CTS-V Rooftop by intriguish, on Flickr


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                Phil / Omaha


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                  Originally posted by 70chevyC-10 View Post
                  Phil, where was this picture taken at? And don't tell me ater the Long Haulers event Saturday morning at QT Park.
                  ...when you got a fast car, you think you've got everything.



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                    Saturday at the GM Proving Grounds 3:00 pm. - at 5 minutes until 3:00 I saw no one - then all of a sudden BS'ers were everywhere.
                    Phil / Omaha


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                      That's the only one I was in - but you can't see me - I'm in the back row. I hope 'smoke see's his salute continues in BS group pictures.
                      There's always something new to learn.


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                        Originally posted by 70chevyC-10 View Post
                        then all of a sudden BS'ers were everywhere.
                        Kinda like a plague!
                        I R Bob
                        You can't drink all day unless you start in the morning!
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                          You got that right Bob -
                          I took this one for you.

                          John - here you are back row - behind dark blue shirt RC151Won I think.
                          Phil / Omaha


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                            Here come da Judge -
                            Phil / Omaha


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                              Great pics Freaks !!!


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                                Phil / Omaha