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    HOME Free
    made in home yesterday afternnon
    great drive all the way home from La, most not interstate, and a little Fun
    56 running great, used 4 quarts oil for 4500-5000miles
    highway 13-14 mpg, 10-11 around town
    Will start removing transmission today or Fathers Day
    Time to go Drag Racing


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      200WINS HRPT Long Haul 2008, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Bettendorf, WI Dells, 15 Champaign, Madison, 16 OK City, Wichita, KC, 17 KC, Newton
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        Just got home a 4:30 today- but we broke off after Muskegon to join a group to tour some of the North West- great time 5500 miles


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          I made it home last Sunday. I left Arlington, drove to Tennessee, drove thru the Dragon, drove to The Corvette Museum, The Wild Turkey Distillery, Muhammad Ali Center and drove back to California. I left May 27th, exactly three weeks on the road.

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            We drove 500 miles on Sat after leaving Arlington, and 500 miles on Sunday getting home right at dark. Total miles were 3720, the only prob. we had on the whole PT was a sticky accelerator pump on the center carb......two shots of WD-40 and we were on our way again. I think I'm gonna park the car 'til next June and not touch a thing!
            John 'n Kathy ('65 GTO)
            Western North Carolina

            "I'd rather do it than watch it"