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Soff Seal "Driving it home" tour

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  • Soff Seal "Driving it home" tour

    We didn't make the long haul this year gang because I had too many previous commitments. One of those took me to Memphis Tennessee. While at a steak house I ran into some of the Year One crew who were obviously returning from the HRPT.

    After a little chit chat these guys began to tell me about a "Driving it Home" tour that Year One is putting together for the fall. It will start in Branson Missouri, to Little Rock, to Memphis, and wrap up in Nashville I think. I gave them my card and asked them to keep me posted.

    Does anyone else know anything about this tour and will you be going ?

    Thanks, Dean
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    Sounds like year ones tour.
    GM G-bodies, because I can't afford a 69 Camaro.


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      Originally posted by 200kss View Post
      Sounds like year ones tour.
      You are absolutely right and I'm an idiot. Many thanks for clearing that up. At any rate, I think maybe we'll hit that tour as well.

      LINKY --->
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        I think I am doing it and Bucky is also thinking about going as well. It looks fun even if Branson looks to be a town for 100yr old people