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A bunch of hooey - aimless ramblings waiting for PowerTour to start

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  • 1956NY150
    Re: A bunch of hooey - aimless ramblings waiting for PowerTour to start


    Line lock, electric cutouts for PU just in case, TRICK STUFF is OK.
    I hope wagon will be done. Any pictures?

    I have two cars, and don't have time for two projects.
    Idea was to keep 65 Chevelle for a driver, until after the tour, then i broke it, now no time to fix it.

    56 is ready to go, needs a few minor things, needs some miles.

    I Have a contingency plan
    I Follow the Swap Sheets
    Just in case of Disaster

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  • A bunch of hooey - aimless ramblings waiting for PowerTour to start

    How do you guys work on multiple vehicles at the same time?

    Take Leon as an example, he's got multiple vehicles in the works and a few days ago decided to build something entirely different for this year's tour.

    I only own two cars - TOTAL (proof enough that I can't be a REAL car guy).
    1 is my wagon which is my pride and joy weekend cruiser.
    1 is my POS truck which is my general purpose mule.

    While I am waiting to see if my wagon is going to be done in time to take on tour, I have been working on the truck as the backup. It is one thing to do PM stuff (perhaps just a bit early so that it doesn't cause problems on a long drive) but how do you spend money on "trick stuff" for a vehicle that really doesn't need trick stuff to do its job (mule)? How do you justify spending money on stuff that will only be used for 12 days? In one of my delirious states, I was contemplating pulling the motor out of the wagon and putting it in the truck just to keep everyone on their toes! SO, if I did that I would have to have a new driveshaft built so I could put the GV in it also. A new driveshaft is probably $400 - $500 depending on yokes and U-Joints. I have driven this truck now for 25+ years without A/C or tunes and now it seems hard to imagine driving it on tour without them. There probably is time to do a stereo system but I hadn't really budgeted ~$2k for a stereo. By the way, where do you put the subs and amps in an old standard cab pickup?

    Man, I sure hope they get my wagon done. I am already considering taking some extra vacation days to put it back together SHOULD it get out of the paint shop in time.