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  • Car Show Raffle question

    my home town has had a car show the past 11 years. this was my 1st year helping plan the show and we are already planning for next year.
    my question is...we were thinking about buying a F.A.S.T ez efi system for a raffle for next years show. we are not sure if we would have enough interrest in such a raffle. guess what im asking is if any of you went to a car show how many of you would buy a raffle ticket for $5 to win a efi system ?? this system is worth around $2000+. we would try to sell 500-1000 tickets if we decide to do the raffle. let me know what you guys think. thanks in advance

    i have this system on my '66 chevelle 357ci 11;1 3.73 6 speed. i was getting 20 mpg on the power tour this year when it was acting up. i had some troubles getting it lined out but its working great now.

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    would not be present to win the raffle


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      Crate motor may appeal to more people, although Fuel Injection is cool to many of us, there may be a different prize that could make a better return......... just thinking out loud.......
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        I think 4 Gift Card's to Summit for $500.00 would get a better response....

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          crate motor would be awesome. thats what we really want to do but we dont have that kind of budget though and not to many places willing to make deals on them. i just seen a raffle at a show yesterday for a turn key 5.3 e-rod motor, 4L65 trans, and all the goodies to make it run. i tried tracking the guy down to get some info on how and where they got engine/trans for the raffle with no luck. gift certificates could be a good one. thanks for the input guys.


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            Summit racing does not give monetary donations anymore. Try calling a few vendors you would be surprised what you can get. I have about 20 vendors that give me stuff every year for our Nova Show in Ocean City. We do a chinese auction w/ the stuff we get and make quite a bit of money for our charity we donate to..
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              I don't know how big your show is, but 500-1000 tickets is a real ambitious goal. I think around 300 tickets would even be a tough goal to reach

              At $5 ticket, the most someone will probably buy, would be 2 tickets (most people only buy 1). At the goal of 500 tickets you would probably have to figure on maybe a third of the show participants buying a ticket, at best... So you would need at least 1500 spectator/entrants to step up to the plate, just to get to your minimum number

              I go to lots of shows with car counts in the 300-600 range and they have a hard time getting your type of number sold.

              Just last week I was at a show (approx 350 car count) where for $10 you could win 50% off a full magnaflow system or something like a $500 gift cert to Hotchkis purchase. both of those we being given away and I don't think they sold 100 tickets.

              Town Fair tire was also at a recent show (again under 400 cars) and for $10 you could win a $1500 gift cert to anything the sell. I think they only sold 100 around tickets for that

              Lots of shows do 50/50 raffles (usually 1 for $1 or maybe an arm's length for $5) and for a 500 car count show, I've usually seen them split between $500 - $1200 total
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                yes there is NO way we could just sell them at our show. we were planning on hitting all the shows / larger events (power tour) we could before our show in august 2013 to get to 500-1000 tickets. i contacted several vendors this year trying to get some goodies. the most we got were stickers, t-shirts, and hats. flowmaster did give us a 50% off certificate for a system which went for $50. tim wilkerson donated a couple used slicks and a burnt piston / rod assembly.


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                  Something to think about if you want to sell tickets in multiple locations would be the licensing. Different states have different rules. The fire fighters in Denver raffle a car every year and they go to all the shows in our state only because it was too hard to get licensing in the neighboring states. Just my 2 cents worth.