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little rock to memphis or memphis for 2 days?

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  • little rock to memphis or memphis for 2 days?

    cant do the whole tour so im thinking doing the 2 stops or maybe just doing one stop and possibly some sight seeing. i will also have my two kids 5 and 2 the older one is a power tour vet and hes ready

    actually so many people stopped to chat with him while on power tour that a month after we were out of town and he felt he had to say hello to everyone in the lobby it was pretty funny to watch

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    Why not 2 stops, Little Rock & Memphis. If you stay in Memphis 2 days the tour will be gone on the second day. Enjoy the ride from Little Rock to Memphis.
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      Not sure If I can make any part of the tour, my shorter plan would be to get to Memphis Tuesday afternoon/night & hang out for the gang to show up on Wednesday and then leave from there with the rest of the gang.
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        Bill, It would be great to hang out with you..... Never got to buy you a beer on 2011 PT for all of the help... Keep us informed on what your plans will be.....

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          its looking like me and another guy will be going from Arlington to Memphis
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            That's cool Charles - we can drink alot of beer in 4 stops, between checking out Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives places and local BBQ joints.
            Phil / Omaha


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              Hell Yes!!! What Phil said....

              "People Sleep Peacefully in their beds at Night Because Rough Men Stand Ready to do violence on their Behalf."
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