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Anyone else feeling the pressure to get done? '69 Road Runner will be ready!

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  • Anyone else feeling the pressure to get done? '69 Road Runner will be ready!

    The days seem as if they are going by so quick now. 74 days & counting... I am starting to wonder if I am going to get my '69 RoadRunner going in time. Don't want to do the trip in my DD '72 SNB C10 or the wifes Raptor. I planned from the time it was announced Dallas would be the starting point that I was going to be taking the Road Runner.

    So is anyone else feeling the pressure? Let's hear what your up against & hear about your progress.

    Heres what I'm up against.

    The car was a purpose built drag car in the late 80's/early 90's. Regular daily needed stuff on the car was ditched & what was there like lights & turn signals were non functional. Motor, convertor & rear gears were pretty much drag only. Luckily it hadn't been tubbed, only had a small hole in trunk from fuel cell & it still has original seats but they have some funky material from like a '80s Olds Delta 88.

    Been slowly working to get the car streetable but the Power Tour gave me a goal to actually get the thing done.

    So far I have the following left:

    Mount/route wires f/MSD 6AL(due to being mounted where a heater box would normally be)

    Replace master cylinder, calipers & pads

    Get Dash lights operational

    Get Gas gauge functional

    Get Speed-o-gear for 3.00 gears

    Get Fan Shroud & figure out how to install on aftermarket radiator

    Get Transmission Hard Lines from FineLines, has rubber hoses & I don't trust them

    Replace old spongy transmission mount

    Get Fuel Line away from headers/mufflers, routed really close & mufflers can shake & hit

    Steering shaft coupler loose, need to replace

    Get windshield replaced

    Swap drag shocks for conventional

    Windshield wiper motor needs installed & figure out if wiper wiring harness & switch are any good#

    Replace Headlights with Halogens

    Install Heater box & figure out wiring & controls

    Redo wiring that was ran thru wiper motor hole.

    Find Front sway bar & get new bushings & links

    Get door panels & trunk divider

    Fine tune carburetor & get adjustable vacuum pod for distributor & line out motor, haven't tuned the fresh motor, have about 5 miles on the thing.

    Figure out fuel pump situation, right now running 1/2" fuel line with a high volume Mallory pump to a Edelbrock carb & if I set the regulator down to 6psi it ends up starving the carb but you set it up on the psi & it floods the carb. May put mech fuel pump.

    Get tumblers swapped in door locks to match ignition key.

    Get trunk lock.

    That seems like a lot for 10 weekends of which about 1/2 will probably be used for family stuff.#

    Looks like its time for some late nights.
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    At the track a few months after I bought it


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      Pressure? Pressure? , you've got to be kidding! LOL ,Having to build a completely new engine. Last year radiator died and could not get replacement in time wich was a good thing camshaft bit the dust later. Going back everything new from transmission foward. Wish me and you and the many others good luck!
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        No Pressure here.. Car is ready...Oh wait. I need to put gas in...
        I just love my Hot Rods.

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          Originally posted by street72 View Post
          No Pressure here.. Car is ready...Oh wait. I need to put gas in...
          Damn you Rett!!! Bahahahaha!!!

          Jade is getting a few upgrades as well. But, I'm not going to stress or buckle under pressure. Either she'll be ready, or she wont. If we make it, it was meant to be. If not, then it wasn't in the Lords plans......

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            Get the Road Runner done! There is a shortage of Mopars on the tour.
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              Nope, nope. No pressure at all. The car has been on the lift all winter. The only thing accomplished on it during that time was to pull the old trans & get the new 700R4 in it. And getting the driveshaft cut down, new u-joints installed, balanced & reinstalled. Spent yesterday afternoon cleaning out all of the stuff that had accumulated under the lift in the last six months. And finding more storage space for said stuff.

              Now I just need to get the front clip back on it since that has now been repainted. Get the A/C figured out & reconnected between the new serpentine style compressor & the 1970 factory system in the rest of the car. Get the new aluminum radiator installed & the new cooling fan setup figured out & wired up. Wire the car to convert from the old external regulator type alternator to the new one wire alternator for the serpentine. Go through the brakes & try to wire in an aftermarket cruise control. Get the new wheels & tires mounted & balanced. Figure out what to do with an interior that is self-destructing. Yada, yada, yada. Should have it wrapped up sometime this weekend.
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                I feel your pain paint should be here tomorrow hopefully the firewall and door jambs will be painted by the weekend then I have to install the wiring The Vintage Air the dash once I get it painted I'll have to put all the glass back in put the motor back in and put it all back together and then fix whatever I screw up


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                  Cruise control is installed in the truck. I just need to get tires and am waiting for the snow and ice to melt. It's taking forever.
                  Jim & Cathy North Mankato, MN Long Haulers '04,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,18,21Short Haul '05,'15,'17,’19 WST '14,'15,'16,'17,’18


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                    I got the car running on Monday. It's having hard starting and charging issues right now as well as the hood hasn't been installed. I'm hoping to take the car to Phoenix Easter weekend for a 1200 mile shake down trip. A new alternator is in the mail, but I may through the low-amp spare on it for testing purposes until the new one shows up. Anyone want to come over and help me install the hood?
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                      Wish I was closer Randal. So.....does this mean you're joining us this year??
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                        Worked on the car & my list is growing. It seems I get 1 thing done & I find 2 things that need addressed.


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                          Originally posted by TheSilverBuick View Post
                          Anyone want to come over and help me install the hood?
                          I may have to consider that if it is warmer there than here.
                          ...when you got a fast car, you think you've got everything.



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                            Originally posted by TheSilverBuick View Post
                            I got the car running on Monday.....Anyone want to come over and help me install the hood?
                            Perhaps you need an adapter for your engine picker so hood removal/install is a one man job. Like Ed said, does your post mean that you will be joining the tour this year?
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                              Trans is out and laying on the floor. Brother coming to help install it tomorrow. Need AC charged and then shake down because car is basically a new build with zero miles. See ya on tour 57 Chevy Two Ten from Georgia