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    I don't have a debt card I only use a credit card and I never sign my card because I want them to ask for my I.D. I get more upset if they don't. The reason I only use a credit card is so I can watch my spending history and I never put anything on it I can't pay off at the end of the month so I never pay any interest. I did have my card company call me one year because I was using my card at the same brand of gas station and they wanted to check it out so now I don't stop at the same brand anymore.
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      We use debit cards. But If we go on any trip or are going to be out of the immediate area I always let my bank know where we are going to be and how we are getting there. Hot Rod Power Tour They knew what city what night every step of the way. We had one incident and our bank caught it immediately and declined it because we have been so diligent in that
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