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Always check your bank accounts

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  • Big Dave
    Perry I was just borrowing a few bucks.......

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  • corvettedad
    started a topic Always check your bank accounts

    Always check your bank accounts

    In this day and age of credit cards and debit cards we have to be diligent in keeping a daily check on our accounts. My bank account ( debit card ) was just hit for about $700 to and it wasn't me. Luckily I try to watch my spending when I'm away from home and caught it before it had cleared my account completely so I'm in the clear but had to cancel my card. Our hobby is very vulnerable because were always ordering special parts and RESERVING ROOMS our information is out there. So everyone be vigilant and keep a check on your finances. I got lucky I had just deposited a large amount into my account and luckily I still have it !